As it’s already unveiled about the forest villagers or other dwellers who live near the forests , play an important role in the bio-diversity and maintenance of ecological balance. This part however has not reached to its utmost level of satisfaction, because the communities livelihood still is dependent on the natural resources. Besides tourism, which is an obvious factor to engage the community in its best practice of nature conservation along with a healthy and sustainable livelihood opportunity, there should be maximum utilization of the available resources of these communities which will be best for the low marginal people who cant opt for tourism. 

Samsing Chuathary, as an organisation does a close analysis of all the available resources and its utilization to its maximum output adhering to its usage as eco- friendly, economic as well as community based. 
The best successful project implemented by the organisation is vermi-compost units. The total number of 10 vermi compost units have been constructed without any single financial participation of the villagers by the organisation with developing the marketing strategy as well. The villages where the pits have been constructed are Samsing fari – 4 units, Compound busty- 3 units, chilouni forest busty- 3 units.
The financial assistance was received by the Directorate of cinchona plantation, Mr. G.C SUBBA, Honorable Director. The project has not only provided an alternative income opportunity , to the villagers  but also has played an important role in saving bio-diversity, by banning the custom of cattle grazing in the forest.

Support the forest villagers by the way of using their products.

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