The lost story of Butterfly conservation park at Samsing-Suntalekhola:

We may know the names of great painters. Their creative mesmerizing color patterns have made its saga on a single canvas. But, no one can ever challenge the enchanting color amalgamation skills of nature. Unlike the rectangular or square, the canvas, however, has different shapes. But, we can consider scaly wings to be the best masterpieces of nature. With its dazzling brightness, it has left no space for complaints.
Its amazing textures once nearly made these creatures extinct for their colorful designs. They used them for unique textile designing for its great commercial value. The largest butterfly of the world- Birdwing- once had a great demand. As a result, it was smuggled to many countries like Japan and others. But with the growth in the numbers of nature lovers in, the realization has now taken out a different concept. We can now find several books written on butterfly conservation, its lifespan, and its habitat. With the increasing enthusiasm in the field of butterfly study, some countries also have started establishing artificial butterfly parks where any amateur or student can study about it in details.


So now any butterfly lover can make a butterfly park in his or her own campus. It is not only a step ahead to save the environment but also a creative effort towards their conservation.
On our constant endeavor and technical support given by Forest Department, we had also established a butterfly park with the involvement of local people for its rearing in its wild habitat.

New Update of Butterfly conservation park:

Butterfly conservation park

Unfortunately, the above post was written 7 years back. Now it’s a different story. The butterfly conservation park has now turned into a tented accommodation owned and run by the Forest Department. What only remains is the names of the Butterflies hanging on the doors of each room. It feels quite a shame for us to keep this outdated post so, I am updating it today with this sad news. 

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But, Hurray! Not everything goes bad. If you ever come to visit North Bengal, then perhaps you will find the most informed community at Suntalekhola. Though we, could not create quite a show-off, still the butterflies have grown in abundance, now more lovable by the people. Today you’ll see villagers who can identify the difference between a moth and a butterfly. Though there may not be many, youths who can’t make it for Bird Watching opt for Butterflies. This proves that though no one cares about the end, a start is always necessary. Samsing -Suntalekhola has now opened its routes for many butterfly lovers from all around the world. These routes are carefully chosen by the Local People and are the best butterflying trails.  So, every summer the scaly wings await for their lovers to arrive and click their images. For such travelers, you can also check the below-given link.

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