In spite of the isolation from the urban sector you may be quiet a bit of art lover while you visit any village under the concept of social eco -tourism. The same goes well for this destination as well. People are born with an eye of an artist to identify the correct shape of the drift wood, or dried piece of wood and turn them into masterpieces. The wood they use is none other than Cinemomum cecido daphne, The local name for which is called Malagiri. The wood is considered as divine and chastened , there fore it has some prohibitions to be used for furniture purpose like chair, flooring , anything which anyone would not do to their deities. They call it sacred and use it for medicinal purpose while having throat problems. The wood also has a strong enchanting aroma which refreshes the mind and proves the fact of its purity. The wood also can be considered as one of the best classes of wood because of its durability to all the climatic conditions. The roots the villagers have used may have been remained under the earth for more than 150 years, therefore these abstract furniture can also be counted as an antiquity. 

We have put our full efforts to promote the market of this unique antiquity to solve the economic problems of these forest villagers which is again one of the sustainable livelihood opportunity for them. We hope to expand the market to international level so that this methodology of our’s to involve the community for saving environment by the way of creating their earning through the nature’s existence or the maintenance of ecological balance.
Any visitor to this destinations can contact us for the order which will also be a socio economic and ecological contribution. Non visitors can also place an order through email to our NGO.

 These items can be best found as TV stands, Showpieces, abstract sculptures, round tables, stool tables, side tables, pen stands etc.

To order for such products please contact :

Phone: 9475332231, 7384083137
Landline: 03562200395

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