environment doesn’t necessarily require high education, political understanding
and ecological degree of expertise. It can be conceptualized in several
emotional ways. The world runs on emotions, greed, power, money, fame all are
precisely the emotional beliefs. So why not promote religious and tradition
that indirectly benefit the environment in a more modernized way. I salute my
ancestors who still follow the tradition of ” jungle devi puja”.  A day is scheduled and all the villagers with
their offerings march upwards towards a sacred place of the jungle, the
strangest part is its most dense part of the forest situated nearest to the
village. They all have their feast, worship the goddess and return. No villager
has ever dared to disturb the abode of goddess but cutting trees or grazing
animals, which is the reason the small streams that originates in this part are
still running perennial and supply the drinking water to the whole village
throughout the year. Perhaps our ancestors predicted this and decided to
proclaim it as sacred place of jungle. What a tradition to save forest and environment?
So nature lovers we should promote these areas and these superstitious
traditions as if being a little superstitious we can save nature then it does
not cost so much of higher political decisions, national budget distributions
and other high profile activities that seldom plays its effective role.
if you want to contribute, contribute to these places guys and let’s promote its
saga to continue saving nature.  Or pay
your homage to this place once you visit samsing.

The support of
B.D.O and Panchayat Secretary of Samsing for the initiative taken by Samsing
Chauthary through the scheme of M.N.R.E.G.S :
We, the entire
members of Samsing Chauthary bringing forth the hearty thanks from all the
nature lovers would like to proclaim the praiseworthy support given by the
Honorable B.D.O ( Gorubathan)Mr Pritam Limbu and Respected Panchayat Secretary
, Mr Binod Bhujel ( Samsing-Kumai G.P) to Samsing Chauthary (NGO)who convened
our initiatives under the concept of “ Traditional environmentalism”. Mr
Binod Bhujel truly appreciated our effort and to emphasize more on such places
which has been playing a great role to save the ecology along with its ritual
and religious importance. Not only he appreciated in words but also convened
the matter and inspired the honorable B.D.O Mr Pritam Limbu and they both
prepared an innovative project to plant new trees and fence the entire forest
area of 8 hectares under the scheme of M.N.R.E.G.S. The work of plantation has
been started spreading an inspirational flow of religious and traditional
appreciation along with environmental awareness to the entire village of Samsing
Fari in
understanding their role to save the ecology and the nature beauty of their own

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