Maintaining the ecological balance is not just an effort, but rather should be a compulsion. There may be different terms and descriptions used for “Eco-Tourism” but in simple terms, a question will itself give the answer for the same ” why Eco- tourism? what difference does it make?”. A hoarding or a banner may be hanged written “Eco-tourism resort” and as a traveler you perhaps get convinced that you have chosen the right plan. But thinking just out of the track, what if you had chosen other type of tourism, apart from Eco-Tourism , how would it be so different from the recent concept of tourism.
The most practical and general description of Eco-tourism is the promotion of tourism commercially without any artificial modification, to create an ambiance for human luxury. It’s not buying the services in addition to a natural touch, but to pay for the effort, calling for the amalgamation with nature and help it sustain. So it should be a contribution.
There are some exceptions which need to be agreed by an eco-tourist for validating the concept.
1. Do not expect the home luxury only because you’re paying for it. A simple room with basic necessities is enough for the concept. You have not come to seek the man made luxury, but to be a part of nature. Praise the natural beauty and contribute for it. Artificial leisure can be made anywhere, but you may not get the natural beauty else where,so be generous for it.
2. Never complain, leave a feedback on infrastructural things for a resort owner, instead praise the scenic beauty, air, trees, plants, wildlife, water and local food. This will motivate the locals to maintain the greenery and wildlife giving priority to them than towards the infrastructure.Thus on your next visit you may find the ecological balance maintained in a much better way. This is your role as an eco- traveler.
3.Ask for the local’s way of treat and hospitality, instead of your own demand. Let them decide how they want you to enjoy. Believe it or not, you will have a totally new experience and if you examine their way, you may finds lesser use of chemically grown products and imported items which are the main causes of pollution, this will make them realize of their own rich culture and tradition. From every aspect like sound pollution, electricity consumption, plastic packed food and beverages, their way of treat may exclude all these things, so feel happy when you return that indirectly you had your part in saving nature.
4. Do not make a habit of giving tips, this will totally change the mentality of the local people towards commercialization, This will make them oblivion of the richness of the natural boon to their place and they will take it as a transaction for business. But you cant help yourself and feel in debt for their services and want to reward them, go for gift items and exchange, liker barter system in older days. This will not make them feel like they’re selling their culture but exchanging it with your culture.
5. Make sure that on every trip you show your generosity and curiosity for nature watching, like bird watching, butterfly or animals to the local guide or people you may be assigned. This will create a sense for them to save the wildlife and do give them the names of birds and animals which you may be searching and could not find to let them search for it and inform you anytime. This will also create the curiosity for nature study in them.

6. Be studious but not an ogler, let the local people decide what to show you and what not, if possible you can just ask good questions, like what changes have been occurred ecologically and what may be the causes in their opinion. Share your thoughts but do not preach. This will make them realize of an outer world’s concern for their natural surroundings and make them conscious about its exploitation.

7. Do not make the trip a bar trip. You have come to free your mind and refresh your soul not your body. So never ever make it a booze trip. It will have a bad impression on the local people and they too may be habituated of these things only because it brings money to them.


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