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The beauty of a destination not
just reveals the blessings of nature, but also the serenade sung by every life
that it embraces to ornate the heavenly amalgamation of people and place. There
is always a story, a poem and a song embroidered with the picturesque beauty of
a place that contributes to its completeness. A true traveler not just captures
the nature’s miraculous artwork but also the culture and tradition that are
enliven by the nature to match its resemblance. The same goes with the queen of
hills, “Darjeeling”.
The green carpeted hills with the luscious tea gardens touching the blue
horizon seldom look complete without the wrinkled smiles of red and chubby
cheeked workers with the perfect complexion adding to make it like an artist’s
masterpiece. In this instance, the travelers set a glimpse of Darjeeling in their healing memories only
with its own people. 

Today, when the same Darjeeling is on its endeavor to mark its relevance, tie bondage,
claim its identity, shoulder the responsibility of its economic, ecologic and
social uplift, the question arises for all the travelers, “Can you think Darjeeling without the people of Darjeeling?” The question may put them in
bewildered situation, as why and what is the relevance of this futile question
to their spirit of nature and people lover? Well, it’s because the little known
fact and the petite realization of its inclusion to West Bengal’s territory has
been overruling to claim those people as “Immigrants” to isolate them from their
own soil. The State Government of West Bengal has not left any corner to prove
their conspiring, misleading and hypothetical notion to indirectly evacuate the
natives of Darjeeling by proclaiming their
voices that say, “Go back to Nepal”.
It is to be now precisely revealed through the voices of all the fans of Darjeeling across the globe that since the beauty of Darjeeling has hypnotized
the world of travelers, have they ever palpably felt the authenticity of this
nuisance contaminating statements?

These issues of Darjeeling’s
native people to struggle for their native identity may have no impact on the
travelers, who come all the way from different corners of the world to build
their memories in Darjeeling, but the culture that showcases Darjeeling in their
own style of food, language, faces and smiles will perish the true definition
of Darjeeling from the minds of the travelers. It is the time, when all the
people who still behold the spirit of Darjeeling
in their hearts, post their opinions about the righteousness of the demand of
Gorkhaland, a separate state within India. The State that will enhance
their role, put the true burden of native relation, and drives its saga in
creating a Darjeeling
that will certainly be inclined towards their vision and dream to ornate it
with their native culture and tradition, which are always the spirit of a

In the end, this post leaves the
readers with an open ended conclusion that whether the demand of a separate
state of Gorkhaland  has any, but any dubiousness
in its virtuousness.


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