Paren is a small village that falls on the way to the last constituency of Darjeeling in North Bengal, India – Todey Tangta. The civil district of Darjeeling covers the areas starting from the border of Nepal ( Pashupati) to the Border of Bhutan. The Pashupati border is well known to everyone as it falls near the heart of Darjeeling town, but little is know about the Bhutan border because mostly this area is described under Duars unit rather than Darjeeling. Apart from all the well known tourism units of Darjeeling like Darjeeling, Kurseong, Mirik, Kalimpong and Lava a remote portion is always left to be included in the attractive list of Darjeeling which have some uniquely concealed beauty to be explored. 
Paren is surrounded by other attractive destinations like Samsing, Jhalung, Bindu, Rongo and Kumai. All these places are the best sightseeing points from every destination in Duars. Accommodation in Paren can even be for minimum 5 nights for the travelers who love getting into the depth of any destination. Most of the time people take back their decision to visit Paren because of insufficient accommodation units in Paren. Paren has a one of the best units of WBFDC Resorts, which does not have enough accommodation facility in comparison to the huge inflow of travel enthusiast who want to explore Paren. So, there is a new resort called Khambuhang Resort that is the best alternative to the WBFDC resort of Paren
Khambuhang Resort also has four spacious cottages. The area is embraced by the delicious Mandarin Orange trees and is surrounded by natural forest. It is an endeavor of Mr Binod Sotang who has dared to take the initiative to promote community tourism in Paren.” We always serve local food to our guests that also includes local chicken. It is not our specialty but because we grow, rear and produce ample local food in our village” says Mr Binod Sotang.

The Paren resort has some special package like fishing and picnic in Jaldhaka River that is the international border between India and Bhutan, Watchtower booking at Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary for animal sightseeing, Jungle trek to Neora Valley National Park, visit to Cinchona and Medicinal Plantation Factory and fields can provide unforgettable knowledge about the rich medicinal plants available in its natural state in the forests of North Bengal, Organic tea processing in Kumai etc.
Altogether Paren has all such adventurous options that can be suitable for all the types of tours like educational tour, honeymoon tour, adventure tour and River side tours. Ultimately the travelers around the world can now add a new destination in their list before travelling incredible India, North Bengal which is also a gateway to the  North-Eastern states of India, the only part of India that serves as an International Border to four neighboring countries of India – Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and China.


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