“Let bygones be bygones, today is our day” Isn’t this hot
dish served in every youngster’s mind today?  We’ve heard a lot from those wrinkled faces,
the stories of betrayal and penitence. In a socialist democratic country like
India, the revolution still waits to implement a system that reveals a true
representative of public rather than a white robed hypocrite. Now, when the
final examinations are on its urge for political scoring that is commonly named
as “Elections”, the enchanting lips and hypnotizing promises have taken the air
to make everyone realize “My god! Five years passed?”

The prolonged quest for a separate state “Gorkhaland”,
within the Indian Territory has towered all other aspects of political definition
in hills to an extent, where the people in Darjeeling hills have started impalpably
defining the word as “strict political demand”. The questions then arise on its
authenticity, “Do we have anything else to demand or give to our country apart
from Gorkhaland and agitation.” Like a tranquilized mammal, we rush to call it
our prioritized demand, but do we ever hear the downstream demands? This
particular innocence, due to its avoidance now not at all exists in our minds. These
extinctions have caused the dreams of Darjeeling youths to perish in its early
germinating stage. The dreams of success in terms of social status, economic
stature, and ecologic richness have forcibly overtaken by the demand of Gorkhaland.
So, now, when the time comes for
elections, this propaganda becomes the main parameter of choosing a representative
in an age when innovative protocols like 360 degree analysis for legitimacy of
candidature are on its way to be implemented for improvising the authenticity
of elections in our country. An opportunity to be a part of this democratic act
is again missed out in the name of “Gorkhaland” where the common agenda for
measuring the legitimacy of a candidate is only confined to the demand of
Gorkhaland. Has Darjeeling reached the horizon of all the developmental
strategies that it no longer speaks of those parameters? So, somewhere the
concealed message is politically conveyed with the phrase “son of soil”, that
the candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha elections should only be measured in the terms of
the candidate’s capability to arise the demand of Gorkhaland in Parliament. Waiting
for this effort, more than twelve hundred thousand pair of eyes will again lose
5 years without any other expectation of development in Hills.
In a platform of Politics where merely 6.3 % of current Lok
Sabha consist of youth representation, the innovations of developmental strategies
seldom be voiced, that provides a matchless conclusion to the dreams of today’s
youths of our country. This lack of youth participation cannot be blamed to the
political system, but it has deeper responsibility of today’s youth to reveal
their role in building the developmental features of our nation. In this quest
the innovative youth of Darjeeling hills should realize the importance of their
right decision to play their role in the coming elections. Let not“the son of
soil” spend good five years merely struggling to turn their low voice into a roaring
blast for Gorkhaland , but heave more responsibilities to keep the promises of fulfilling the dreams of Darjeeling, dreams of peace and the dreams of prosperity.


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