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North Bengal Homestays – Michilingma
Rural Tourism has now emerged with a new perspective that reveals deeper aspects of environmentalism, socialism and economic benefits.  India is a country of the largest rural sector and that appalls the policies that target for the rural destinations. In this context, the brighter side of Rural Tourism has been inevitably taken into account. It can be an important aid in solving several social, economic and ecological hindrances of the nation. However, Rural Tourism has its own set of rules and limitations. So the wrong concept can drive the chariot towards the opposite direction of all the expectations.

In the name of Home- Stays, the hosts often follow the culture of the commercial hotels. That is the important part to be totally unacceptable in the concept. Rural tourism does not aim to solely focus on its economic sector but it is always an alternative source equally distributed on the other social and ecological aspects. This true culture of home-stays is hardly there in North Bengal because of the lack of true knowledge of Home-Stay and Rural Tourism Concept.

Dalgaon- North Bengal Offbeat Destinations
We are solemnly thankful to the West Bengal tourism department for taking this matter more seriously. Their initiative to train the rural community under the course named “Home Stay Hospitality and Rural TourismEntrepreneurship Course” was highly praiseworthy that meant to be a true orientation program for the developmental sector of the state. The training was first of its kind in India and may soon be replicated in other states as well.
After the training, the results are proclaiming axiomatically the true goal of the training program. Some of the trainees have even implemented the concept and have already given a start. One such initiative is at Dalgaon that falls on the way towards Jholung-Bindu- Paren in Bengal.
Dalgaon :
Dalgaon View Point in North Bengal
It is a beautiful place nearby other renowned destinations like Samsing, Suntalekhola, Paren, Jhaolung, Bindu, Neora ValleyNational Park etc. The place is accessible to some of the best experiences ofNorth Bengal like a visit to the oldest Hydel-Project Of India – Jaldhaka HydelProject, The oldest Cinchona Plantation of India that still manually producesQuinine-The anti-malaria drug, Jadhaka river adventure activities, organic Teagarden like Kumai, Some beautiful jungle experiences of Neora Valley NationalPark, a visit to the renowned watchtowers and jungle safari of Gorumara,Chaparamari and Lataguri forests, etc.So the Home-Stay can not only reveal its true essence of rural tourism concept but along with can also be tested for its other responsibilities that are inevitable in the concept.



Home -Stays in Dalgaon:



Michilingma Home- Stays – Hotels and home-stays of India
The Home –Stay belongs to a community worker named Sangram Sotang, who has given the homestay a cultural name – MichilingmaHome Stay. The homestay is near one of the beautiful viewpoints of the areas. The View Point and provides a picturesque view of the old house decorated with the colorful flowers. “ The only change I have made is the Toilets because that is the basic I need to follow, rest is just as it was,” Says SangramSotang who is also a local musician and often freelances his sound editing services to the documentary movie makers.   The charges and food can give a true Idea that the home-stay owner has just taken it as an alternative source of income for him.
“I still do the same job on the plantation, and offer the same locally grown food instead of following the menu of those commercial cuisines. Often I candidly tell the guests that we will do our best, but in addition, I also tell them that they are not the tourists, whom I need to serve in exchange of money, but they are the guests, whom I need to serve like a guest in my culture. We do not worry even if no guests come because it was my house and it is still my house, and I don’t have any overhead expenses like hotel owners.” says Mr. Sotang wearing a chastened smile on his face.  Michilingma Home-stays at Dalgaon, North Bengal has definitely set an example how a true concept of Home-stays can bring changes in the society.
Homestays of North Bengal Michilingma Home Stay


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