Rongo – The Beauty of Cinchona Plantation
Among the lesser known
destinations concealed around the lusciousness of Duars, Cinchona Plantation is
one such abode that embraces many beautiful destinations of North Bengal.  Rongo, a beautiful village of North Bengal
falls under the Cinchona Plantation area and is blessed with the picturesque
beauty of nature. The altitude of 2000mts approx., bestows the village with a
temperature that makes it a suitable summer destination for the travelers who
love the feeling of cold breeze reddening their cheeks.
The beautiful wooden houses standing
beside the elevated landscapes,  all decorated
with colorful flowers shaded with the pine trees together build this
destination into one of the most beautiful villages of Cinchona Plantation.
Rongo is the last destination to be reached by Road from Gairibas – a place
that falls on the way to Jholung from Chalsa Chapramari forest. The place even
allows the traveler to feel the nearness to Bhutan, which dramatically is
bordered by the snow-fed river Jaldhaka near Jholung and Bindu. The Cinchona
trees bowing down with the sweeping landscapes speak the legendry history of
India, when the British established the plantation to save the world from the
evil clutches of Malaria by supplying the anti-malaria Drug named Quinine.
Quinine was produced by manually processing the bark of Cinchona tree. The
tradition of manual-processing still continues in the plantation without the
implementation of modern technology that counts its eligibility to be declared
as an unbroken heritage of India.
The flora and fauna of Rongo:
Rongo is surrounded by one of the
renowned pristine heritage forests of India – Neora Valley National park. A
short trek towards the forest can open the way to watch some of the most
beautiful birds and butterflies of North Bengal. Neora Valley national park habitats
many endangered species like Chinese Pangolin, Red panda, Clouded leopard and
none other than “The Royal Bengal Tiger”.
The forest is also blessed with
diverse natural vegetations including rare orchids, medicinal herbs and shrubs
and also wild flowers, all of which can draw the attention of many botanic
enthusiasts of the world.
What to Explore in and around Rongo?

The organic tea garden of Kumai
can leave a knowledgeable experience of watching the live tea processing.
Similarly the least explored traditional cultivation of some of the
high-commercial value medicinal plants in Cinchona garden can never be ignored
during your stay at Rongo.
Some interesting Local experiences of Rongo:

1.       Fishing
and picnic in River Jaldhaka
2.       Bindu
Hydel Project.
3.       Short
trek from Rongo to a highland named Gagunay ( Neora Valley National Park).
4.       Old
Rongo Monastery
5.       Kumani,
a place on the way to Rongo from Chalsa, famous for traditional herbal
treatment for healing bone fractures and severe bone injuries.  The place has become a hub for patients from all
around the area. They even come to get hospitalized for months at the very
local facility owned by a local who inherited the knowledge and techniques of
the herbal and traditional therapy from his forefathers.
The car Journey to Rongo from the nearest Railway station:

The travelers can even enjoy
reaching Rongo from the nearest railway station of New Mal junction. The 40 kms
of distance from New Mal junction can be palpably shortened by enjoying the 2-3
hours of drive. The car journey will serve some mesmerizing glimpses of
forests, tea gardens and the medicinal plantation that have always decorated
the beauty of North Bengal. Rongo is located in one of the most hot tourism
circuits of North Bengal that covers the areas of Samsing-Sutalekhola and
Jaldhaka.  The travelers can cover the
whole circuit from Rongo travelling by car and experience the adventure the
circuit is renowned for.
Above all Rongo is place that can
serve as a complete package for the adventurous travelers all round the year who
seek for what is hardly sought by other travelers.

All the above features can now be readily availed by enjoying your time at a lovely homestay that has been constructed at Dalgaon that falls on the way to Rongo from Gairibas.

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