” Rural Tourism Promotion – the outcome of its extravagance”

” Tree of Hands or Tree of Money?”
Exploring the unexplored is always a passion for a traveler. Some even make it a reason to boast after few years, where they feel proud to be the first person who explored the beauty of the place, only after when the same place becomes a hefty corridor for tourists. The reviews are shared, the flowering feedback give the ranks, the hotels compete, the investors gain a market, the artificial world takes over the chastened natural beauty, the sacred and respectful culture becomes a show of a drunk party, and money becomes the only factor of promotion.
A thing that was other wise a tradition to be served with respect gets listed in the menu and itinerary,  and are sold as commodities in the market by the commercial entrepreneurs, who focus on raising profits rather than conserving the ethnicity and ethical prospects of the destination. After few years, the destination that had the words like , “So much to explore” is dominated by the words like , ” Nothing left to explore”. The same “travelers” would still be in their hunt for exploring the new places and promoting the destinations inviting the drawbacks of mass tourism and leaving behind a raped destination.
To remove the obscurity here are the few scenarios of few villages in North Bengal that axiomatically can be seen in any growing tourism destination. Every thing happens after the so called Tourism investors and entrepreneurs masked with the name of Social -Tourism Promoters start monetizing everything that even include emotions, aspirations, culture and tradition.
The vegetarian Village slowly turning into a non vegetarian Village – Kolakham:
This beautiful remote village was once known as a complete vegetarian village because all the people in the village  were vegetarians. The most amazing part in the village, that very few people notice was that the people never built a fence around their agricultural lands because they never reared goats and chicken.The village was promoted by some tourism investors taking the vegetarian status of the village as it’s main USP. It may have been a good promotional initiative if they would have given more focus on the USP rather than money that slowly is turning the village into a normal village and it’s happening because they serve tourists as tourists and not guests, because the investors want money and not the village.
There is one more home stay in North Bengal, called the RangBhang Home stay in Mirik. If the above scenario was impossible to maintain , how is RangBhang Homestay still maintaining their culture or tradition of vegetarian family? it’s only because there is no so-called investor, who first boast as a social worker and ruin the chastity of rural culture leaving it abandoned after they extract the estimated profit.
Commercialization of a forest Village : Samsing
Monetizing a place doesn’t mean to add the price of soup separately that otherwise was served free with a plate of Momos. This only happens when the investment is used to sell the culture showcasing it like a product to entertain the tourists. The village has lost its charm and smile that was so truly respectful. Today you can hear the voices that you so commonly hear at the railway stations ” Please have food, coffee, drinks, etc ” grabbing your arms and pulling like touts.
The same charm can still be found at Dalgaon and Paren, because the place is not yet extravagantly promoted. So, It is a request for all the travelers to help them not to monetize each and every thing that would come in their way.
There are many such places that have seen more consequences than its advantages, that all happened because the slogan ” Everything should be monetized” became the main objective of the investors.  Although there are places that have still proven that they can follow the controlled way to promote tourism just to conserve the culture and tradition that can one day be the only source of happiness, and this all can vigorously seen in Bhutan.

Tourism with control- Bhutan 

 Apart from implementing one of the world’s most obvious but neglected development – Happiness, Bhutan surely has many things hidden up in its sleeves, that in future will surely do a lot to conserve the culture of Bhutan. The flow is not monetized in whole but to an extent that is enough to maintain the wall of difference that truly conserves the respect, the world shares for its diversity.
So , as a nature lover, it always depends upon the travelers to monetize everything and exploit its preciousness. All is because everything cannot be compared with profit in the true essence of Rural Tourism Promotion.

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