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Have you ever thought of staining your hands with the cascaded mud spreading its aroma with the gush of the cold breeze sweeping down from the almighty Himalayas shadowing the beauty of Darjeeling by merely joining one of the many volunteer programs in Darjeeling?

Well, this could be your chance to join this amazing experience of volunteer programs in Darjeeling. At Bada Mangwa Orange Villa, an orange orchard of Darjeeling decorated around 4.5 acres of beautiful hilly terrains of Darjeeling, you get a cozy stay spiced up with the warmth of cultural hospitality of the Gardener’s Family. It’s a place where you can fulfill your desire to surround your conscience with the true essence of nature where even you can play your role as a true Decorator of Nature becoming a part of the Orange Grower’s Family in their daily activities that have turned the rough terrains of Hills into one of the best Orange Orchards of Darjeeling.


Workshop Venue:


Orange Villa, Bara Mangwa, Darjeeling, (West Bengal – India)


About Orange Villa:

A beautiful orange orchard that covers the area of 4.5 acres, and is the only left healthy orange garden of District Darjeeling. The place has now become a center for research for the local government departments set up for the development of Horticulture, agriculture, and floriculture. Owned by a lovely family, the garden also serves as a cozy accommodation run by the host family in form of a lovely homestay for such volunteers and researchers. Apart from the beautiful orange orchard the place also offers a picturesque view of Darjeeling, Teesta river, Sikkim, and Kalimpong. The place is also best for artists and writers where they can truly enjoy the solitude of the place.


Length of Workshop: 32 days

You can choose any given months depending on the kind of work you would like to get involved in as an Orange Grower. You can also customize your workshop time into 32, 45 and 62 days, where you can get the opportunity to research on the whole harvesting cycle of Orange Orchard. There are many volunteer programs in Darjeeling that involve schools, but this is one of its kind that aims to help the economic and ecologic sector of Himalayas.



Objectives of the workshop:

Orange orchard volunteer programs in Dareeing
 The Mandarin Oranges cultivation in North Bengal has been historically serving as a backbone for the economic development of the rural areas of North Bengal. North Bengal being a renowned destination famous for tea companies, timber, and tourism, has seldom facilitated the true economic condition of the people of North Bengal because none of the industries are run directly by the people but instead by companies.As a result, many social agitations like low wages for tea garden workers; the ramp down of tea companies have hindered the economic condition of the rural people of North Bengal. In this context, there are only a few farming products that support directly to the people of North Bengal. In the list of such products, Mandarin orange cultivation plays an important role among all other products like Black Cardamom, Ginger, and Broomstick, because all of them are mostly owned individually by the people.
Unfortunately, following the production level of last decade, there has been a huge downfall in all the production of all the agricultural products that are more practices by the people and not by companies.As because of this concern only impacts the low marginal farmers, there has bee no such agencies set up by the governments who can really do research activities on this issue of Orange, Black Cardamom, and ginger. The farmers now have reached a situation where they have abandoned the orange farms, black cardamom farms and are compelled to leave the place in search of jobs to support their livelihood. These volunteer programs in Darjeeling will aim to involve the support from the expert volunteers in respective thematic areas. They can come to the only left healthy orange garden and conduct the research to share their knowledge. This way they can help bring back the golden days of those farmers who have lost their hope in agriculture.


Workshop Activities and Periods:

Description of Activity
Best period of the year
Make Your choice of work
En-filling and Replanting
June- July
Digging and replacing the dead plants
by planting new plants.
Manuring and Mulching
February- March
Weeding and  giving manure to the plant along with bush
December – January
Plucking the fruit and segregating the
fruits into different sizes
Processing/ Packaging/ selling
January- February
Negotiating with the buyers, packing
and selling. Processing the unsold fruits.




The price will include all the expenses incurred for accommodation, food and pick and drop from the nearest airport. The cost doesnt include flight charges. The volunteers will have to bare any expenses apart from the pick and drop transportation, food, and accommodation in Orange Villa homestay.
No of days



Contact us for getting involved in such volunteer programs in Darjeeling :

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Please Mention your desired region and our hosts from that particular region will contact you.


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