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Who is a Traveler ? 

Let’s just get into the inner conscience that precisely bears your identity. Well, this is just so obvious that every single person in this world is a traveler, if the answer merely was ” One who travels from one place to another”. The reasons for travelling never bears any significance to be defined as a traveler. Now when this becomes obvious then the definition should vary from each person who is a traveler in this world. So here are some definitions I have precisely understood of the word  ” Traveler” and to avoid any obscurity , I have predicted the person’s role in this world on the basis of  their definitions.
” I think a traveler is a person who want’s to see a new world where you find different culture, tradition and geography”

– This person probably is a common traveler who travels just to make the best use of vacations and to act as a responsible family member.
” A traveler is a person who is just addicted to see a new world everyday”
– The answer is so short and sweet, So this person I hope will one day either become a hard traveler or wears a dream to take that life in future. One thing that is for sure is that this person is a full time employee.
 ” A traveler is a nature lover “

– This person is definitely a social worker or an environmentalist and has a membership in some of the social organizations that work for environment
 ” A traveler is a person who loves to meet new people or community”

–   A filmmaker, a journalist, culture photographer or some person who has similar job profile.
 ” A person who loves to visit the offbeat and unexplored regions”

 A normal person who keeps the count of the destinations traveled and always surfs internet to read about such regions, but again you will never find unexplored regions in the internet because that means it is extravagantly explored.
 ”  A person who loves to enjoy everyday of life”

– An IT guy or a gal who is so fed up of  technical world and  now requires a leave, not to live the life in a beautiful destination but to spend  the day with hangover.
 I will definitely add more to this post, because I too am now on my hunt to seek the true definition of the word ” Traveler”

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