River Trekking at Neora Valley National Park
** Important Notice – This first of its kind River Trekking is an initiative to form a nature Lover’s Community or forum called ” Love Neora ” that is again the first of its kind forum of Neora Valley National Park. All the trekkers who will join this trekking will be invited to join this community and share their conservation opinions and experiences about their adventures in Neora Valley National Park. For more details about this community please read << Love Neora>> **
A river has always been a reason for civilization, agricultural economy, cultural richness and formation of a society that we commonly divide into villages, towns, and cities. The names of the places, culture, and tradition may differ at many places that comes within the journey of a river from it’s source to the sea, but the name of the river mostly remains the same for every regional accent, perhaps bearing the same meaning. So, if you ever want to explore the biodiversity, historical evidence, culture and traditions and other aspects of nature then following a river would be a complete endeavor to open the knots of your curiosity.

What is “River Trekking”?

A river walking is a kind of trek that follows the trails of a river, mostly from it’s lower stage towards its source, On the way you can explore different cultures and traditions, forests with different kinds of vegetation starting from plains to the foothills of Himalayas. River walking is a complete package for adventure lovers that involves all the activities of rock climbing, river crossing, Bouldering, Chimneying, Crack climbing, etc. It can practically be a great experience to test your physical strength before you plan out to explore higher altitude trek or mountaineering.
River Trekking at neora Valley national Parl

Neora River Trekking – Neora Valley National Park

Enjoy the essence of chastity through the exploration of pristine heritage forest Neora Valley National Park. The virgin forest named after the river Neora that originates from the forest and meets teesta has flown through many terrains creating a vast bio-diversity of Neora Valley National park that is an abode to some of most endangered species of wildlife and wild flowers. It is an enjoyable trek route that will start from the plains and ends in the dense area of Neora Valley National Park named Mithun Khar that is named after a natural salt pit that is one of the prone areas of sighting wild life activities in the forest. So avail the complete itinerary of the trek route and enjoy a different experience seen through the lifeline of Neora Valley National Park – Neora River.

Number of Days  

– 3 nights – 4 days

Trek starting point at the river

– Sakhaam, Neora Mini Hydel Project

Trek ending point at River

– Mithun Khar – Natural Salt Rock – a prone area of Neora Valley national Park for sighting wild animals.

Details :

1st day : 
Pick up from Nearest Railway station ( New Mal Junction – NMZ) > Evening sight seeing through the village and Suntaleykhola, >Halt at homestay at Suntaleykhola Village.
2nd Day :
Start the trek from Neora Hydel Project Sakhaam after getting the drop through Vehcle from Suntaleykhola to Saakhaam. Halt at Tukrey ( A place in the forest named by the Cowboys ).
3rd day :
Start the trek again from tukrey and reach Mithun Khaar, halt at Asaley camp. The asaley camp is a camp set by wildlife for patrolling which is away from the Neora River and is located beside another small stream called Asaley.
4th day :
Trek Sunder busty and check out through vehicle towards railway station from SunderBusty.
The Price :
Rs 5500 per person 
Minimum Number of trekkers required :  5 Trekkers
The cost includes tent hiring charges and food, homestay lodging and food. guide and potter, National Park Permission, transportation from New Mal Junction ( Both Pick and Drop ).
**We also welcome the student’s group where if the number of students is more than 15 we can organize a professional trek where we will be teaching the basics of Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, river crossing and Nature study camps involving one of our professional instructors of Mountaineering. **
For queries and Booking please contact :
The host will contact you at this no.
Please Mention your desired region and our hosts from that particular region will contact you.
Phone – 7384083137
Email – chauthary@gmail.com
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