About Neora Valley National Park

Well, either you’ve heard a lot about it or you haven’t a word !! It’s as concealed as a treasure, as secret as a mantra of immortality and as beautiful as the garden of Paradise. Neora Valley National Park named after a beautiful river Neora, that flows through this deep and unexplored forest, is one of the remaining pristine heritage forests of India that is an abode to some of the most extinct wild life creatures in the world. The forest is spread diversely covering different altitudes with its obviously different types of vegetation that is hardly seen in other declared national parks of West Bengal. Starting from the lower range of Himalayas with an altitude of merely 400 mts, the forest spreads to an area covering more than 150 sq Kms reaching the highest altitude of 3200 mts above the sea level. As the forest covers different types of vegetation in its different altitude ( Rain forest, Bamboo Forest, Rhododendron Forest, Pine forest etc), it is the habitat for many wild creatures. Apart from the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, few animals that also identify it as a rarely rich bio-diversity of India are Red Panda, Snow-Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Chinese Pangolin, Yellow-Throated Martin and may more.

Unlike all other national parks that are usually crowded, Neora Valley National Park stands all isolated and unexplored because of its inaccessible terrains and denseness. Only few nature lovers who truly have explored its few accessible and permissible trails know about its true beauty.

About the Community ” Love Neora”:

This is an initiative meant to create a forum or a community of those who really have experienced the richness of Neora Valley National Park and would like to proclaim and share their love for Neora. This community will further create an awareness and consciousness to protect and conserve Neora Valley National Park’s richness in advance before waiting for any urbanization threat that have already exploited other National Parks. The community will comprise of any individual and group who would interested to explore its beauty and become its lover determined in future to save its true beauty. 

Who Can join ? 

Are you a trekker, an explorer, an environmentalist, a wildlife researcher, a photographer,Botanist, a culture lover or in whole simply a traveler and a nature lover? Then you are welcome to involve in all the activities that allow you to experience its beauty in any given forms but as a true traveler keeping in mind not to disturb Neora Valley National Park’s virginity.

Objectives of the community:

  •  Share your love and care about National Park – One of the few remaining pristine heritage forests of India.
  • Share your adventure experiences about your adventure activities in Neora Valley National Park in form of trekking, cycling, river trekking, e.t.c.
  • Know and let the true travelers know about the culture, tradition, of the people and of all unexplored destinations who are since ages living  adjacent to Neora Valley National and are naturally dependent on each other for their livelihood and conservation.
  • Conduct awareness activities and meet ups for all nature lovers in the name of Neora Valley National Park.
  • Promote ethical rural tourism, sustainable livelihood in the villages to promote their role in the conservation of this Neora Valley National Park.
  • Protecting wildlife and other natural resources from getting exploited and extinct.
  • e.t.c

How can you join ?

Just after you avail any of such activities that make you fall in love with the the chastened beauty of Neora Valley National Park, you can demand for a form sharing your experiences and we will be happy to get you in our community ” Love Neora”. We will soon create a forum and send you the invitation where you can share your views, comment, post photographs and blogs about Neora Valley National Park.

The first activity to form the first group of ” Love Neora” – Neora River Trek:

With all this effort we have organized and formed a River Trek Route following the life line of Neora Valley National Park – River Neora , which is also the first of its kind in West Bengal. The date of the first River Trek is starting from 13th of April – 2015, through which the first community members will be formed. The interested nature who cant make it up this time can any time avail this activity by sending their inquiries to us.
To know all about the First River Trek of West Bengal – Neora River Trek please read :


For any questions we would highly appreciate if you can contact us at :

Babit Gurung
Email Address – chauthary@gmail.com
phone- +91-7384083137


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