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” I am a nature lover”, the sentence has quite become a trend today. The first activist slogan that comes after the trend is ” Save trees, Save Earth”. Well, there are some unheard slogans as well that only comes after you become a “True” nature lover and then you make out that there’s nothing called useless if it’s natural. In this context have you ever thought of those unwanted weeds, grass, and algae that cover your garden, patio walls? It also grows abundantly in the forests, fields and even beside the roads. People mostly want to get rid of those unwanted weeds and focus more on trees, but every little thing in this nature has its own important role in the ecologic cycle that can never be rectified if it has perished. So, to sound more adventurous and trendy the same job for one of the best ways of nature study is Butterfly watching. Here, this post will take you to some of the best butterfly watching destinations of North Bengal.

Why Love Butterflies to Save Nature?

The colorful scaly winged creatures have always been the most loved insects in the world. The unique colors of each species of butterflies are not just unique with colors but they also have their unique food habits and lifespan. All the Butterflies have four stages in their life cycle – Egg, Larvae, Pupa, and adult stage. All the stages of Butterflies have an important role to play in their life cycle. Besides the two dormant stage of Butterflies that are egg and pupa, the other stages are the most active stages butterflies and that are larvae and adult. The adult butterflies never eat for their energy, this is the stage for them to mate and reproduce, so they only require the necessary minerals to help in the reproduction process. The only stage when the butterfly only eats is when it is in its larval stage. It is the time when it acquires its size and energy that will later help the Butterfly in its adult stage.
So the only thing to understand the relation of the butterfly as the best identifiers of nature exploitation is that because each different species of butterfly lays its eggs on each species of plants that can be trees, herb, and shrubs. The number of species of Butterflies is identifiers of rich forests rather can simple monoculture plantations. This is what supports the fact that lovers of butterflies and activities promoting their conservation directly support the true essence of nature conservation.
All the nature lovers can now also include butterfly watching in the list of their nature loving activities. Unlike bird watching and wildlife watching, butterfly watching can be easier as these creatures are easily found in almost all the parts of the world. However, to follow the real trend there are places in India that are the paradise for butterfly lovers. Apart from the best Butterfly watching destinations of North Bengal, North-eastern part of India inhabits the greatest percentage of species of butterflies found in the Indian Subcontinent.

The Best Butterfly watching Destinations of North Bengal :

Samsing Suntaleykhola – Neora Valley National Park:

Trekking for Butterfly watching tours
This renowned place once started to build its fame only because of its popularity of abundant Butterflies. The place also had an open air butterfly park once but due to certain problems the park couldn’t sustain and now you will find a River Camp established by WBFDC in the same area with the names of various Butterflies as it’s tents. Once the Butterfly India Yahoo group also had its meet at this place and since then the place is waiting for such butterfly watchers to arrive once again and make them popular. There is a particular Butterfly trail in this area that is not yet explored by the tourism and is still good for spotting many rare species that would be lacking in the numbers of  Hard core Butterfly watchers.
The best part of this place is that the local people understand the interest of Butterfly watchers and co-operate well with such travelers. The place also has many homestays and they can avail good accommodation that will also allow them to share the culture along with the beauty of Neora Valley National Park that surrounds this place. One best option to avail all the adventure is to avail a special trekking organized at Samsing Suntalekhola on the traveler’s demand popularly known as River Trekking at Neora River, and it is also one of its kind in the whole North Bengal.

Sisamara and Chilapata – Jaldhapara National Park:

Sisamara Rhino Camp Booking
Never heard of Sisamara? I know you have never. Well, for Sisamara, it’s a new place near the core area of Jaldhapara National Park divided by Bania River. The place falls on the village so you can really enjoy the wilderness of the national park even during the closed time which is from July to September. As the place is near to the core area, just by sitting inside your cozy room and staring towards the river you can watch the lovely wild activities of wild animals without disturbing them and getting disturbed. The place is also wonderful for butterfly watchers as the place is still isolated from the urbanized crowd.
The other place is Chilapata which falls on the other side of Jaldhapara National Park. Served by three tributaries of Torsha River, the forest becomes the best habitat for Butterflies serving them with some the good mud-puddling sites and adequate warmth of the sun.
Where to stay at Sisamara ?
For Sisamara , the best and only place of accommodation both for wildlife watchers, photographers is a new eco-tourism resort by the name Sisamara Rhino Camp. 

Raimatang and Jayanti – Buxa Tiger Reserve :

Butterfly tours with local of North Bengal
There are many villages around Buxa Tiger Reserve forest and most of them have today become a hub for tourists. This often disturbs the habitat areas of Butterflies. The smoke emitted by the vehicles and the road- kills are the common reason why Butterflies can go under extinct because of over-promotion of tourism laces. In this context, rural tourism promoting homestays and forest villages that often attract only nature lovers with minimum luxurious amenities are the best location for butterfly watching.


Raimatang forest village is one such village that still has its pure essence of nature , and such places are the best places for butterflies. Located beside the rivers , streams Raimatang village will show you more activities of different species of Butterflies.
Where to stay at Raimatang?
Raimatang Resort often named Sanguri Bhanjyang has all the nature lovers want. With 16 attached rooms the place is best for group travelers who love to share their activity together.


This beautiful place has many spots and also trails that are good to trek for Butterfly watching. The wetland created by Jayanti River and the natural forests besides the lakes serve as the best areas for butterfly activities. Swallowtails, skippers and blues and whites, the place provides such variations that every butterfly watcher would be looking.
Above all North Bengal is a place that has different geographical features within short distances, if you can see the high altitude butterflies while trekking to Rachela ( 3200 mts) in Neora Valley National Park, then in Jaldhapara you can find such butterflies that love warm areas. So, just to start learning this nature loving activity, North Bengal would be your good training field.  It has all the available amenities like nature, community and adventure.
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