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My grandfather always recited the stories of the times when Darjeeling was ruled by British. He criticized the laws of the current times and boasted about the rigidness, punctuality and the accuracy of British rule in Darjeeling.  “If any plantation area was found grazed by some stray cattle then they measured the footprints of the cattle and then, at last, caught its owners. So there was no escape, this was their way of ruling.”  His stories created imaginary pictures in my mind of white people wearing Khakee shorts, hats, boots and shiny rolls with golden capped heads in their hands. Their Bungalows mostly built on the top of a hill, towered the villages that served them with laborers in their tea gardens and other small industries that made Darjeeling their summer capital of India.

Reliving those days of their superior luxuries would really be fascinating amidst the beauty of today’s changed Darjeeling and other parts of North Bengal, and this thought made me pack my bags. My first number in the list was named for tea gardens because historically tea gardens built most parts of North Bengal.

The Fagu Tea Bungalow : A Heritage Tea Bungalow now serving to luxury Travelers.

The tea resorts of Darjeeling - Fagu


Book tea resorts of West Bengal - Fagu

Starting from the foothills, my first option was to explore Fagu Tea Garden. It falls next to the renowned tourism circuit of Samsing-Jaldhaka. The tea garden located on the hills rising from the plains is the first highlands to measure the high altitude mountains. These high altitude mountains are densely covered with the heritage forests of Neora Valley National Park.

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How I reached there?Fagu Reserve- The tea resorts of West Bengal

Fagu Tea BungalowThough the easiest option was to take a left from the National Highway 31 from a place named Damdim that is just 5-6 Kms from New Mal Railway station, I preferred a shortcut that is mostly free from the traffic of National Highway. The shortcut way starts from MalBazar crossing a small non-perennial stream named Gurjung Jhora. This way reaches you to a tea Garden – Meenglass. You can start feeling the aroma of Tea leaves getting processed inside the factory.  Fagu Tea Garden starts just before reaching a Place named Gorubathan. A rough road climbing up in the hills through the simple village houses of Tea-Garden labourers will finally reach you to a beautiful Bungalow built on the top, just giving you a bird’s eye view of the tea gardens and the village.
The Bungalow now named as “ Fagu Reserve” truly resembles the luxury one yearns in the chastened ambiance of nature. It is decorated with the rural culture and tradition of tea gardens. These Culture are being followed through ages without any modernized change. The wooden floors, the old bell hanging outside and the furnishings, all speak about the days when the same Bungalow was probably the most superior place for the surrounding areas.
Luxury can’t convince the true spirit of travelers for so long. So, there are other adventurous options that one can add to such luxurious tours of North Bengal. It all begins with none other than the dense Elephant prone forest areas. These areas fall on the banks of River Chel and River Neora at Neora Valley National Park.


Adventurous Fagu tea Bungalow :

River Trekking at River Neora through Neora Valley national Park :

I love adventure, especially the three common things that North Bengal amply boasts about – Forest, mountains, and rivers. Exploring the surrounding areas, I found several options for the adventure lovers. So you would certainly not miss out on this luxurious travel plan . The river trekking is one activity that is an addition to the stay at Luxurious Fagu Reserve. This trek is the first of its kind in North Bengal. It starts from a nearby village – Saakham. The place connects to Fagu Reserve by a way that goes through the deep forest which is away from the traffic and reaches you to Suntalekhola. River Neora, the heartline of Neora Valley National Park flows through some of the most beautiful unknown and unseen wilderness of Neora Valley National Park. Trekking will unusually follow the river upwards. River trekking is exploring the real wilderness beauty of one of the pristine heritage forests of India – Neora Valley National Park.
Neora River Trekking from Fagu


This trek starts from Lava which is just a two-hour drive from Fagu Reserve. The trek destines to reach the highest altitude (3200 mts) of Neora Valley National Park called the Rachela Pass. It was historically a passage to Bhutan. The place also has a lake that is one of the niche tours of Neora Valley National park. If one wants to avail the beauty of Frozen lakes during the month of December and January, then tour combines all.

Pilgrimage Trek – Paanch Pokhari Trek :

Paanch Pakhari Trek from Fagu

I call this Trek a spiritual trek because most of the tribes believe this lake to be a divine lake. They often reach this place with a wish. The local tribe believes that the lake fulfills the wishes and hence they consider this place a sacred place. The trek starts at Gorubathan. So, Fagu Reserve has all that an adventure lover would like to add to a luxurious tour.For booking accommodation at Fagu Reserve send your inquiry at ;

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