Volunteer traveler and student exchange programs of West Bengal
” Meaningful Travel Pvt. Ltd has now collaborated with a social organization – Samsing Chauthary, to organize a number of volunteer travel and student exchange programs of West Bengal in the rural areas of hills. The Programs will focus on the development of all the aspects of rural development. The main areas of development will be Education, agriculture, Rural livelihood skills, and also environmental awareness and education. The targeted community will be the scheduled tribes and other dwellers of the forest villages of West Bengal, Sikkim and North-eastern states of India. All the interested philanthropists, environmentalists, and other organizations can send their projects based on the above themes of development.”
On our way to promote the sustainable livelihood options in the rural areas of North Bengal, our organization has now started different Volunteer travel and student exchange programs of West Bengal for all the kinds of Travellers visiting North Bengal.
These volunteer travel and student exchange programs of West Bengal aim to provide the best learning experiences to the students, professionals, philanthropy travellers, organizations, inter-cultural schools, corporate groups, leadership programs and many more. The volunteering programs have been designed in a way where every individual volunteer’s interest will be served. It will include more diversified ways providing versatile experiences to the volunteers.
The targeted community, area and sectors include the region of North Bengal. Here the volunteers will be the part of a team developing ecology, economic and social aspects of the community. The aims and objectives of such volunteering projects will be mainly to support the underprivileged families of different tribes. It will also promote their sustainable livelihood from all the aspects. The activities will be a learning experience where the volunteers can develop their knowledge in a more innovative way. They can discover such innovations after learning the traditional methods of the tribes. There will be educational projects where volunteers can just share their experiences on any given field to develop the livelihood options of the tribal children.
Different volunteering options include :

After School – A school developing the lives of the tribal children and youth of North Bengal.

This school is a livelihood promotion school. The volunteer Travelers and students exchange programs of West Bengal can help the children do their home works, revise their class works and help them learn their academics in a more innovative way. The can do it by adding some extracurricular activities. The children will be for different free schools. All the students will attend the program after their school. They will get the help to revise and better understand their syllabus which they can never do at home with their illiterate families.
The school will also hold different professional training programs for youth. Such programs will aim to develop their livelihood skills like photography, computer, fashion designing etc. So the volunteers from different fields and expertise can be a part of this volunteer and student exchange program.

Agriculture Volunteer programs – Help the Farmers of hills to learn the better knowledge of natural and organic farming 

This volunteering program is for agriculture students, research scholars, and botanists. They can spend their time with the farmers of hills in their fields. They can use as their research ground and help the farmers to get better yield and proper knowledge. The technical support for laboratory and other equipment will be provided by the government agriculture and horticulture departments of West Bengal and also the cinchona plantation Department.
There are many other customized volunteer travel and student exchange programs of West Bengal, Sikkim and North Eastern Part of India, so if you have any special inquiry feel free to send your inquiry at : chauthary@gmail.com, yourhost@meaningfultravelindia.com or call us at +917384083137.

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