The tourists of North Bengal
North Bengal is quite lucky to be the nearest hill station for Bengali People. Not to hop indirectly to the word ” Tourists”, the first stereotype notion people of North Bengal hold for Bengali people are that they are the most traveling community in India. Well, why only North Bengal Hill people, this notion is probably all over the world. In general, perhaps the higher percentage of the tourism revenue earned by West Bengal Tourism comes from the Bengali Tourists. So with years of tourism business that is running so well in North Bengal, there are many types stereotype tourists of North Bengal that help the hosts to determine their taste and anticipate their matching needs. Now get your senses ready to determine which stereotype tourist’s category you fall in.

1. The Boaster Budget Traveller  :

Tourists of North Bengal
The budget Travelers

It’s a clear estimation without any possibilities of rise and fall. You have planned the amount and fixed it in a way you would never compromise. So, you are a budgeter and that’s ethical, but the problem with you is that you cannot compromise with the standard you aim for. You negotiate with the hosts to bring down the cost and when your hosts humbly say,” Well sir, We can give you another category that fits into your budget perfectly and we give the assurance that you will find it worth your price.” That’s such a  good assistance, but you cannot compromise and you want the best of best at the cheapest price. If you’re really into this category who believes in the most common proverb “Cheap and best”, then the ultimate suggestion for such tourists of North Bengal would be ” Cheap is never the best and the best is never cheap”.

2. The traveler who hangs the false nameplate ” Offbeat Traveller“:

You are a good reader. Although you read a lot of locally published travel magazines and articles, you always look out for the names that are described as unheard and unexplored. Well, precisely the names that you have never heard of and you take it in your list of unexplored destinations. So, that’s a really proud thing for you and you say this to every one, ” I always explore the unexplored”. But , when you come to the real unexplored places you start seeking you urbanized comfort zone and complain with statements like , ” How do people live here”, That certainly makes your host think of whether you telling the truth that you always unexplored places.


3. The Alien Foreigner:

In this context probably, West Bengal is only a state where people

from same state act and are even treated like complete foreigners. It then becomes more strange when people from South Bengal who have already travelled many parts of India feel the difference in their own state. The above statement can somehow be considered possible because of the cultural diversity North Bengal, but it becomes more complex for the hosts when their guests act like they are not even from this world. If you are thinking what are such stupid acts being a nature lovers then here are the things you unknowingly give do that give out the message that you may be an alien:

1 . You ask after seeing the paddy fields, ” What are these plants? ‘.
2.  You are so excited when you see a colourful rooster as you’ve never seen such a bird in your life.
3. Oh ! You’ve never seen such bright and big full moon.
4. You are shocked to see the sky filled with so many twinkling stars.
5. …and many more,
….so for you the best suggestions would be don’t just spend you whole life in Bars and clubs, there is a big world outside your city or town.


4. The Drunkard Drummers :

Here there are two categories, the ripened and the budding.

Ripened are normally middle- aged people who form a group, leave their families at home and make a plan to visit some silent, melancholy, naturally blessed destinations. Initially their interests about the destinations they seek for shows that they must be tired workers who want to go back to nature as pure nature lovers and want a break from all those noises, hot discussions of politics, ethics and Bengali History. Perfection never changes, so after you reach the destination, the only thing you wanted all such ambiance was to drink a lot with the group and again start the same noises you do back at your home. No new topics, stories but you bring out the same stories and start drumming it loudly in a drunk tone.


5. The Split Personality:

You can hardly be called a tourist, in precise terms you’re a real traveller. Perhaps you live two lives, one back at your hometown as a strict Corporate manager and the other when you are with your digital camera and backpack.In addition you are an IT expert and you spend more than half of the year as a punctual corporate guy involved in hard core operations and management work, quality parameters, monthly targets, team performance, client rewards and incentives, new strategies of Business Development and process management, e.t.c. You give your fullest in everything you do. Then when you swap your personality to become a traveller, people can hardly make out that you spend most of your time in the comfort zone of luxurious cabin, revolving wheel chair and elite food recipes. You adapt fully with the tough life of tribes, understanding their culture and flow with their daily life schedules without any urban demand. You surprise them with you knowledge about the names of the plans, birds, butterflies and insects, their life cycle and everything that even they have never realised.



6. The crazy solo Traveller:


God knows what you want to know and what you know. All you need is a roof to protect you from rain and food to keep you going. You hate crowd and modern amenities or maybe had enough of it. People like you just travel like a monk seeking the truth about life and salvation. You never have a proper itinerary of your travel plan. You can stay for months in one single room or leave it just after an hour of booking and paying the full price, all depends upon you present thought. It’s not that you are tight with money or you can’t afford it, if you find a good hosts you don’t mind even paying for his or drinks and travelling costs. Above all, only you know what is back in your mind what you enjoy and what you don’t.

7.  The Menu Family :

The only thing you are concerned about while you visit newer destinations of North Bengal is the food menu chart. You always travel with you family members, and if possible sometimes you even make your cousin’s family or some other relatives join you. The hosts of rural destinations find it a big problem to prepare food items for you specially in places where they do not have enough of helpers in the kitchen . The reason is that every member in you family will order some food items for their dinner and lunch. For instance here is the order of lunch given by your family :

1. The elder son will have three chapatis with egg curry. ( Please do not put chilli)
2. The younger daughter will have a plate of Momos with totamo sauce.
3. Your wife will have one plate of rice with Fish, Dal and potato curry.
4. You would want some chicken pakoras to have it as snacks with drinks and full place chicken rice. ( Please put lot of chillies)
5. After lunch in the evening you will have black tea with no sugar, you wife will have tea with milk and sugar, your elder son will have it with both sugar , salt and lemon.

Well, the one thing your host would be asking your wife in their mind : ” Is this how you cook for your family back at your home?”



8. The young and Romantic Travellers :


Can you ever imagine a couple choosing a long trekking plan for their honeymoon? Well, it’s so obvious that such couples would always choose a room that is more private and lonely. With the strictness in checking the id proofs, it has now become quite a tough job for unmarried couples to find a room in the hotel room. So the best would be either to choose the destinations that is more into rural areas or to go for a trekking plan with other unmarried couples. Here there are again two categories, one who also want to enjoy the best of nature and adventure along with romantic moments and the other who would just want to enjoy the evening with drinks and a romantic night in a more lonely and natural environment without involving much in outdoor nature adventure activities.


9. The Rich and Demanding Traveller:

You just think that you can buy everything with money. While walking on the road through any village if you or your wife finds a beautiful flower or a ripened fruit on the road side you just go and pluck it. You don’t even think that the land along side the road is a private land and the owner have had their long months of care to make it bloom.


Once you get a complain from them you never show true apologetic behaviour but try to act rich by willing to pay money. You may think that you are acting rich but precisely it is cheap for them. You ask for cultural dances, tribal dances, bonfire and show your willingness to pay any amount for it. The truth is that you are bringing down the value of a culture by commercialising it and corrupting the innocent minds of rural people. You are forcing them to sell it cheap. Just for instance can you imagine a person paying you huge money just to celebrate Durga Puja at any time he wants? Well, again there are some values that you can never buy with money.


10. The Fake Environmentalist and  Samaritan traveller:


You just have the knowledge of books and have never been practical. Above all have read it in newspapers and you believe every word of it without even giving your mind an option. You see everything around you in the villages going wrong and throw your comments and remarks without putting yourself in the cause of the situation. Most of the times you complain about those tribal ladies carrying head-loads of dry twigs that they use to cook food for their child, but you never complain about hectares of deforestation and its timber transported to your cities, just to meet the huge demands of industrialized goods. You want AC rooms even in a hilly region, a television, 3G phone Network, coffee shops, market and many more in a rural destination and later complain about other rural destinations that have become crowded and urbanized tourist spots. You carry a whole bag packed foods, bottled waters, cans and throw it anywhere you want, but you hate those garbage scattered all around the place in such a beautiful and naturally blessed rural destination and blame on villagers.

So, above are few stereotype habits of tourists who fill the tourism map of West Bengal, and you may be one of them, but as a meaningful traveler and a nature lover, there are certain meaningful destinations of North Bengal in India that is still unexploited. It’s not always the hosts who should take the responsibility of destinations but also the Travellers who build the destinations.




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