As the summer approaches with its engorging heat, it’s the time for the people of Kolkata to rush for some of the best touristic places in India. In this context, the obvious choice would always be hills stations that are the renowned tourist places in India. Before going to the popular tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh, there has always been a common trend to first explore the nearest tourist destinations from Kolkata. Sikkim and Darjeeling would always be the first preference of the Tourists from Kolkata. Following the tradition of the tourists of Kolkata, there has been a slight change in their preferences of popular destinations of North Bengal. It can be named as newer editions of tourist destinations of West BengalDooars is one name in this context that has quite been a name among the Tourist places in Northern India.

The Cold and Moderate destinations under Dooars Tourism Map:

Dooars and Neora Valley National ParkYou may never find the name in the tourism map of West Bengal, but the term is more Dooars” or “Duars” is a region that covers the foothills and plains of Eastern Himalayas of India that mostly covers the areas of two states of India – West Bengal and Assam. The name ” Duar” means a door in the local language and thus is related to places that are the gateway to enter Bhutan. Many people in North Bengal have a misconception that only tourist places that come under District Jalpaiguri and Kuchbehar excluding the District of Darjeeling are named as the tourist places in Dooars. The term precisely means ” Gateway to enter Bhutan”. The other misconception is that all the places to visit in Dooars are mostly the plain areas of North Bengal that are not suitable for summer escape due to its warm climatic conditions.

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There are certainly many places in the route map of Dooars that are located in the high altitude hilly regions and have cold and moderate climate throughout the year. These places can be among the best summer and monsoon destinations of West Bengal that will have more adventurous features than any other monsoon destinations of North Bengal. Many people do not consider these places as the best destinations of North Bengal to visit in July and August, because this is the time when most of the National Parks are declared as closed and the entries are prohibited. However, this is also the time when the Dooars Forests regain it’s green lusciousness after a long dry season. This is the season of Flowers and Butterflies for the Dooars Travellers. So, even if you cant enter into any of the national parks , you can always go the best sightseeing in Dooars.

Rongo & Dalgaon – An unexplored Hill destination under Dooars Tourism Package:

Dooars- Darjeeling
This destination is one of highest altitude destinations of Samsing- Jaldhaka  Circuit  of Dooars Tourism Map that again falls under District Darjeeling. With an altitude of nearly 6000 feet, surrounded by Neora Valley National Park and the beauty of Cinchona Plantation, the destination is a suitable summer destination of North Bengal. The pine trees decorate the sweeping landscapes that is towered by a holy Monastery located at the top of a hill. The beautifully built wooden ranch houses and cottages in the village are all decorated with varieties of colourful flowers that make the village a valley of flowers. There are few home stays at Rongo & Dalgaon that are owned by the villagers and unaware of any commercial tourism business prospects, the villagers  serve the guests in their traditional way which is again an attraction for meaningful Travellers who look for meaningful destination in North Bengal.

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Suruk- Todey – The Exit Point of Neora Valley National Park Under Dooars Region:

Todey -Tangta, the last constituency of District of Darjeeling is also the exit point and international Border of Neora Valley National Park. The River Jaldhaka Divides this nearly 6500 feet altitude destination from Bhutan. You can see many Bhutanese influences in the Tradition and culture of Suruk and Todey. This place is certainly an unexplored destination that too comes from the Dooars Region which can be the best Summer Destination of Dooars. There is a new Homestay at Suruk, recently built for the travelers who want to explore the Beauty of this Destination.

Mouchuki – The Heights of Samsing- Suntalekhola :

Dooars Tour Package
Mouchuki Camp – a name given by the Wildlife Department of Neora Valley National Park can be reached through Samsing Suntalekhola. This place is also one of the destinations that come under the different places of Sightseeing in Dooars. The village is also called Lepcha- Dara ( The village of Lepchas ). The destination with an altitude of nearly 5000 was once the base camp for Trekking to Rachela in Neora Valley National Park, which was one of the best trekking routes in Dooars. Later one of the Camps on the Trek Route – Tiger Camp, turned into an important zone for tiger breeding. So, in order to not disturb their breeding zone, the trek route is not open.
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