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Weekend Destinations …..

For All the Siligurians Who More Often Check-Out than Check-In:

How many times has it happened that someone one from Kolkata has boasted about exploring more weekend destinations of North Bengal than you? The famous Hindi proverb hovers inside your head ” Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar”.

So, forget about the hard earned and begged leaves, you can still keep those to check-out, and use what you have as privileged – weekends. This article is specifically targeted for those who have the shortest way to reach the most beautiful weekend destinations of Darjeeling and Dooars. These may not be the best accommodations of Darjeeling and Dooars but certainly, they give you an adventurous experience that you can never get in such a short time.
The weekend destinations and activities mentioned below have been specifically chosen to keep in mind the distance from Siliguri. Most of the destinations can be reached within 2- 3hours drive from Siliguri. The longest stay would be of one-day tented accommodation far from the sonorous and disturbing metro life. It would be an immediate booster for your wrecked mind to get rejuvenated every week.


Adventure weekends for Siliguri
Yelbong Robber’s cave

You can always go for boozing and smoke anytime in Siliguri. Now to give it the background music of nature’s solitude, you can even do that by approaching the nearest forest or tea garden. What makes the difference here is that you will also be going for some physical activities. All the lazy sloths may feel awkward about it, but what are friends for? The list of activities for all the weekend destinations of Silifuri are given below:

1.  River and Rain:

Please be ready to get wet and carry some cough and cold syrups or some alternatives.

2. Muddy and Boggy:

Childhood days have arrived. Well, a 10 Rs Ariel detergent Sache will work it out.

3. Man vs. Wild:

Do not presumably get scared. You won’t be fed with insects and crawlers. This just means that you will go through a bit wild experience exploring the forest in a more local and primitive way. This will be an opportunity to learn from locals about many things about forests. Some examples are medicinal plants, wild yams, and fruits, etc.

4. Sports and Adventure:

There will be basics of such activities. Trekking, river crossing, rock climbing, etc.

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5. Date with Nature:

Apart from all the fun, there will be moments when you will feel the closeness to nature studying butterflies, plants, and birds with the help of Local Nature Guide.

6. Dizzy and Jazzy:

As the night falls, let it cover you with the beauty of Wild Darkness decorated with clapping, hums, Chorus, Vocals, Rythm and joyous swings and moves with no artificial vibes of electronics, all lightened with the cozy warmth of a small bonfire.

The Arrangements:

Take it as a trip to the nearest rendezvous. Everything will be arranged by the locals and few professionals, and all that would certainly incur a cost. The cost would be a total package cost depending upon the no of people in the group.

The Inclusions:

1. Tents for accommodation
2. Food & Snacks
3. Adventure and sports equipment.
4. Sleeping bags.
5. Musical instruments and players
6. Bonfire Arrangements
7. Few local drinks.
8. Barbecue
9.. Potter and cooks
10. Lights and arrangement.
11. Permit charges ( If any)


The Exclusions:

1.Transportation to and fro. ( Can be arranged on demand, will incur extra cost)
2. Drinks and beverages.
3. Toiletries.


1. Sisamara Rhino Camp : All season

How to reachSisamara Rhino Camp ?

By Road : Siliguri > Falakata > Salkumar > Sisamara Rhino Camp. ( 3.5 Hrs drive)


2. Yelbong Robber’s Cave :  September to June.

How to reachYelbong Robber’s cave?

By Road : Siliguri > Sevoke Coronation Bridge> Bagrakote> Chunabhatti > Yelbong.

( This trip will add a trek of 1 hr towards the cave from Yelbong)

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