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Forget about what you read in the travelogues that promote West Bengal Tourism, they’re so obvious. Needless to say, Singaras and hot Gulabjamuns rule the month of January. Inquiries increase from the tourists demanding heaters and fireplaces in the rooms and that’s all you care about. Precisely, you don’t have much to do while traveling to North Bengal in the Month of January, but is it?
Well, there are some interesting facts that can warm you up even in the chilled weather of January. Whether its food, adventure workout, or drinks and Barbecue, January in North Bengal has its own charming bells to tune you.

Vacation and get- together Period under West Bengal Tourism calendar:

This will be the post -Christmas period and also post-harvest period. Farmers would be enjoying their yield, schools and colleges would be closed. The closure of schools and colleges is a big thing in Hills. Most of the children from villages return to their homes from hostels as because all of them are forced to leave their hometown for even higher secondary schooling. Homestays would be complete with families and this will be the season of get-together even for your hosts.

Yam Festival:

January Traveling to North Bengal You don’t know much about Makar Sankranti in the hills of North Bengal, do you? All you know is that Bengalis dig for the best mom-recipes of  Pithe- puli during this time. For readers from Kolkata this may sound familiar, but of course, if you are coming from other states, do not forget to taste these little known sweet dishes of West Bengal. Makar Sankranti is also celebrated in the hills of North Bengal. It will be certainly fascinating for you to watch it if you are staying in one of the homestays of north BengalThis festival can also be named as Yam Festival in the hills of North Bengal. Not many of the people know much about the types of Yams that can be found in the soil of North Bengal. You will certainly love to see and taste the varieties of Yams decorated during this festival in every house.


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Picnic season:

Not Many of the states in India are keen about picnic than the people of North Bengal. Almost every house has to go to the picnic with friends and families during this month. It may sound quite funny but even republic day and new year day means Picnic day for the people of North Bengal. So, while visiting some of the tourist spots you may encounter more local visitors than the outsiders. Sonorous sound systems, funny dance moves, and exciting belated happy new year wishes from strangers are the common sights. Among all these, even your mood will certainly feel like engaging with the environment and be a part of it.

Barbecue Time:

Barbecue Lovers, this is your time. Fire and dizziness with a soft music and rolling meaty delicacy are what you can call January in the North Bengal. Amidst the dryness and chilling weather, locals also prepare many local sedative drinks of North Bengal as this is their post-harvest time.
Homestays in west bengal
You can never experience all the above if you love just to have a window glimpses of the beauty of North staying in hotel in a town. You need to get into the deeper and offbeat destinations of North Bengal booking a homestay. So, if you love to plan your travel plan exploring through the rough and uneven terrains of West Bengal tourism destinations than feel free to connect with our local hosts and let them design your travel plan.

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