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As a rural tourism consultant and a local host voice support for the meaningful travelers, I almost frequently get one question in common – How to find a share taxi to this destination? Yes, it’s true that getting to the offbeat and rural destinations of North Bengalby one’s own access to the information is almost impossible. There are certain destinations where even google maps will not help you. That leaves the travelers who love the atmosphere of the homestays of West Bengal with one option, to hire a car. The travel cost hikes up beyond your budget, and it’s fairly unquestionable because of the remoteness and the rough conditions of the roads.

Let this post run on series, one by one, in order to help you out for each of the offbeat and rural destinations of North Bengal. The first destination to start with is Samsing Suntalekhola – a destination that will help you to explore the Dooars region of the tourism map of West Bengal.
Below are some FAQ’s that will help most of the travelers to reach Suntalekhola?

1. Which is the nearest Railway station to Suntalekhola?

The nearest railways station to Suntalekhola is New Mal junction. This Railways station is also the nearest railway station to Lataguri and Gorumara.

2. What is the distance from Malbazar or New Mal Junction to Suntalekhola?

The distance from Malbazar to Suntalekhola is Approximately 28 kms. The driving distance is aorund 45 minutes.

3. What is the distance from NJP to Suntalekhola?

The distance from NJP to Suntalekhola is approximately, 83 Kms. The driving distance from NJP to suntalekhola is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. The driving distance can vary between the hired cars and shared taxi to Suntalekhola as Shared Taxi will always take longer time because of numorous stops.


How to Find a share taxi or a bus to Samsing Suntalekhola ?

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This post will also help you to find a share taxi or a local bus to other nearby tourist spots of West Bengal. Some examples are Jholung, Bindu, Dalgaon, Gorumara, and Lataguri. The first thing to know is to know about the nearest Railway station and the airport. There are two nearest Railway stations to explore the beauty of Samsing Suntalekhola. – NJP & New Mal Junction.  New MalJunction is more a local station and only travelers from Kolkata can take this option. For the travelers who take the option of the nearest airport is  Bagdogra airport or ( IXB). They too can apply the same option right from the airport instead of NJP.

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New Jalpaiguri or (NJP) :

Note – It always depends upon the train arrival time. It’s always good if it’s early morning hours because that way you will have ample options available. If the time is afternoon, then you may have to change your plan or options.
New Jalpaiguri has the connectivity to almost all the parts of India. So, this option is mostly for the travelers who will travel to West Bengalfrom all other places of India. After arrival at NJP, you can then access the information to find a share taxi to Samsing Suntalekhola. Here I have mentioned the route dividing them into steps to help you understand better:
  1. After you arrive at NJP, head directly towards the exit and reach the parking area of the platform. Just head towards the auto-rickshaw parking area. You will find a number of auto-rickshaws that will hang the board saying ” Salugura to Njp”. Just check the one which will be about to leave the stand.You will find them waiting for the passengers to fill up. Remember they’ll only leave if it’s their turn in the list.  Reconfirm by asking them if they will drop you at PC Mittal Bus Terminal.
  2. The charge is far less in comparison to hiring an auto-rickshaw. After you arrive PC Mittal Bus Terminal head towards the Ticket counter and aks for the Bus to Malbazar. Again you can also find a Bus directly to Samsing, but from Samsing you may again have to hire a car. However, it will cost you far less in comparison to hiring the car from NJP. I have mentioned Malbazar because you can get a share taxi from here that will directly take you to Samsing Suntalekhola. Please understand that Samsing and Suntalekhla are two different locations. Suntalekhola is 5 Kms farther from Samsing
  3. After you arrive Malbazar, check the time. there is number of share vehicles that you can board at Malbazar. These vehicles can reach you directly at Suntalekhola. The good thing is that all the drivers will know the address of all the homestays of Suntalekhola, so you can take there help to locate it.Here is the time-table of the share taxis ( Mahindra Savari Vehicle ) that you can catch at Malbazar. Please note that vehicles in North Bengal are known by their names rather than vehicle numbers.
a.  Mahindra Savari by the name Agni leaves from Malbazar to Suntalekhola at 9: 30 – 10 am.
b.  Mahindra Savari by the name Ayush, comes from Kalimpong and reaches Malbazar at around 10 -10:30 am.
c. Mahindra Savari by the name Agni again leaves from Malbazar to Suntalekhola at 11:30- am to 12:00 am.
d. Mahindra  Savari by the name Yusuf , comes from Lava and reaches Malbazar at 3:30 pm.
Apart from the above options, you can always catch a bus directly to Samsing, and hire a car to Suntalekhola. That way you will save a lot of costs. Instead of Malbazar if you can drop at Chalsa which is just 7kms farther from Malbazar, you will get a number of share vehicles that will take you to different locations like Jholung, Bindu, Dalgaon, Gorumara, and Lataguri. 
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