Homestay in India is now fast becoming the most preferred product of tourism. Whether you always book luxury hotels or opt for resorts in the most glorious cities of India, you always miss the warm embracement of nature. So, adding up with luxury is like adding up flavors to compensate what the tourists purchase. Precisely, all just to make them feel upgraded and privileged than their home environment.

Not to mention anything about Luxury hotels, you perhaps should know more about homestay in India. This is because you must already have extravagantly spent your vacation in most of the luxury hotels of West Bengal. You may be in quite a dilemma whether to suddenly change the travel plan that you have always preferred for your vacations. This post will help you understand the difference and choose the best.

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When shouldn’t you choose a Homestay in India, but a luxury hotel?

No matter, how much you can afford, you can never buy few things that give you happiness. There are some things that you can’t buy even in the best luxury hotels.

1. I’ll just pay for it:

Even the best service luxury hotels will always remind you of their commercial values. No matter how much they will impress you, your impression will always depend on your cost. In homestays, this doesn’t work. It’s a home built not by professionals, commercial values but a custom, tradition, relationship and true values. Now you are someone who lives a life of a lone wolf. You like to smoke alone looking out through the window with no one to inform your whereabouts. You want everything to be exchanged for money.  So, if you’re someone who feels to be independent in terms of money you hold, a cultural homestay in India is not the place for you.

2. I’ll order my food and snacks any time I wish :

You love to drink, smoke and looking at your watch is something annoys you. There is lunch time, dinner time and breakfast time for you. These names are just the meals that you have the first time, 2nd time and the time before your sleep in a day. In this scenario, your own luxury hotel will be best for you. It’s hard-earned time and you do not want to measure it like your log-in and log our time at the office. This is a break from your work life and nothing else.

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3. My room is my messy smoking Zone:

You are quite a social networking freak. No matter wherever you go, you never leave your virtual world. So all you need in between is a wall to lean against and an ash-tray on the side-stool. You turn your room into a smoky zone with you the hacker. You want no one to complain and even talk behind you. Do not opt for homestay accommodation if you’re one of such beings.

4. I  hang “Do Not Disturb” on the door:

This is one of the most common things about the luxury hotels. In homestays, there is more communication than the language of banners and flyers. There is no awkwardness in speaking out what you want. If it’s too much for you to speak out then you should not look out for homestays in the rural areas.

5. I can’t miss my favorite show on Television:

So you carry the curiosity of next episode more than you have for the new destination. You want a television right next to your bed, and of course the remote control in your hand. Some homestays do not have the television in the guest rooms. They prefer watching it together with family. So sadly, you will miss your bedtime entertainment. Better to call your own luxury hotel’s receptionist and make it clear that you would not ever miss your show. So better tell them to check for it.

6.  You are a Nocturnal animal:

You are an owl. You perch lazily during the daytime and as the darkness embraces you become a predator. Your energy boosts up after the evening and remains constant till the morning hours. Well, homestays are hardly even near to the urban lifestyle. “Early to bed and early to rise” rhyme song is still sung in the rural destinations of India. Forget about the lights inside the houses, but you won’t even find street lights glowing near to the homestays. Better decline your idea of homestay accommodation than to act like an insomniac for the whole night.

7. You are a fast food lover :

Pizza, burger, and energy drinks are all the part of your balanced diet. Whether it’s in the morning or at night, you have all the home-delivery numbers. If you are in a homestay, tea and snacks are all you can at least order, and that too not every time. If you cannot control your hunger for fast food and drinks, better go for the luxury hotels.
Homestay in India is mostly located in the rural destinations. Just for example if you ever visit the best offbeat location of West Bengal, you will find a totally different experience than in the Luxury hotels of West Bengal. The choice is upon you and your perception about how you plan your travel plans. If you ever like to get more details about the destination and your doubts, better talk with the hosts directly. In West Bengal, there are many homestays that are located in some the best places of West Bengal, and in order to identify your local you can always take our help and someone will be there to help you.

<Hear the hosts, let them answer your question >


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