Uncrowded Sea Beaches of West bengal

Being located on the easternmost coastline of India, West Bengal overlooks the beautiful Bay of Bengal. Diverse geography of Bengal is encompassed with a good number of both beaches and mountains. Many secret unexploited and uncrowded beaches of Bengal are yet to be explored and these beautiful sea beaches are presently becoming popular destinations for travel as well as beach lovers. Silent sea with their serenity and transparent water, elongated sandy seashores, romantic sea breezes and estuaries of river Ganges are sufficient enough to make any nature lover spellbound.

Newly explored and not-so-crowded 7 sea beaches of Bengal are enlisted here and you would love to consider these beaches as your next weekend destinations.

Bakkhali Beach

In South Bengal, Bakkhali is one of the most-appreciated virgin sea beaches where you would be able to find an eternal peace. Widely expanded seashore of this beach overlooks the Bay of Bengal and it provides ample scope to enjoy a pleasant bath in its cool sea water. Whenever you are in Bakkhali don’t forget to pay a short visit in its nearby attractions – Henry Island ( the most beautiful picturesque beach), Bishallakkhi temple, Kargil sea beach,  Freserganj Fish Harbour and Jambu Dwip.

Bakkhaki beach, the uncrowded seas beach of west bengal

Plenty of hotels and beach view resorts are available in Bakkhali where you would love to spend a comfortable relaxing holiday. Finger-licking delicious seafood dishes of the local eateries and crispy fish fries at the beachside stalls will never disappoint your taste buds.

How to reach: 

It will be easy for you to reach Bakkhali from Namkhana station which is accessed by local trains from Sealdah ( Kolkata). From Namkhana you will have to cross Hatania-Doania creek by vessel boat. On its opposite bank, you will get a shared car which will drop you to the main beach of Bakkhali. Bakkhali is also directly connected to Kolkata by road.

Bakkhali Beach Itineraries

Tajpur Beach 

Do you love to run after red crabs? If so then you must spend at least a day in Tajpur beach which is located just in between Digha and Mandarmani beach. This inverted crescent-shaped beach will welcome you with its own richness, freshness and crimson red appearance. While strolling around the white beach of Tajpur, popping heads of the running crabs will bring a smile on your face and the cool sea breeze will play with your hair or kiss your cheeks. Besides spending quality time at the main beach, you can also take a short tour around the nearby fishermen’ village and the “Mohona”. Paragliding, biking, and other adventure sports are also offered in Tajpur beach.

Tajpur beach, Uncrowded beaches near Digha
Red crabs @ Tajpur beach p.c. teambhp

Nature camps, hotels, and many resorts have been newly constructed in beach area to give the visitors a relaxing holiday. Authentic Bengali cuisines and freshly prepared sea fishes are served in both the resorts and local restaurants.

How to reach:

Being situated at a distance of 14 km from Digha, Tajpur beach is easily accessible from Digha by any public transport or hired car. If you are traveling by train from Kolkata then you have to reach at Balasai station from where you will get frequent local buses heading towards Tajpur. You may also reach Tajpur by your own car from your feasible nearest destination.

Tajpur Beach Itineraries

Talasari  Beach

In Balasore district of Orissa Talasari has been newly discovered as a beautiful beach town which is just 8-9 km away from popular tourist spot Digha beach. Clean beach of Talasari is beautified with silent sea waves, series of trees, fishing harbors, boat making factories and unexploited calm atmosphere. A long walk along the beach, a short visit at its nearby Chandaneswar temple and friendly interactions with local dwellers will make your trip worthy.

Talasari Beach, Clean beaches of West Bengal
Talasari Beach View p.c. OTV

Odisha development corporation has its own guest house in Talasari beach where comfortable luxurious rooms (with all modern facilities) are offered to the guests on prior booking. Both Oriya and Bengal style cuisines are served in the hotels as well as in local eateries.

How to reach:

Talasari beach can be reached by both Bengal and Orissa. You can take your feasible route from Kolkata or Balasore. While you are coming from Kolkata you have to board on Digha bound bus or train and from Digha you will get local transport or shared car to reach directly at Talasari beach.

Talasari Beach Itineraries

Bankiput Beach

At a distance of around 160 km from the bustling city, Kolkata Bankiput beach is rich with its own unique beauty. Besides its widely expanded white sandy beach, Bankiput has gained its popularity because of its other eye-catching attractions – Kapalkundala temple (mentioned in Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya’s novel), Deshpran fishing harbor and Dariapur Lighthouse. From the top of the lighthouse you would be enchanted by the 360-degree panoramic view of the entire Bankiput sea beach.

Bankiput Beach, less crowded beaches of West Bengal
Bankiput-sea-beach p.c. Krishnendu Sarkar

As the beach has not been explored as a tourist spot till date so there is only a few resorts as available accommodations. Minimum basic facilities and adequate meals are provided by the resort’s authority but it is recommended to ring them in advance to avail all facilities. Local transports are easily available for sightseeing.

How to reach: 

To reach Bankiput sea beach you have to board on Digha bound train or bus from Howrah station (Kolkata) or Esplanade bus terminus (Kolkata) and come to Kanthi station or bus stand.  From Kanthi, you will get frequent public transport or shared car to take a direct entry in Bankiput sea beach. Private cars also run between Kolkata and Bankiput.

Bankiput Beach Itineraries

Mandarmani Beach

For sea lovers and the couples who are looking for an ideal escape from their daily monotonous lives, Mandarmani beach is one of the favorite weekend gateways. Although it is not so far from the main Digha beach yet it is still untouched by the commercial pollution and busy crowd. This lonely beach wraps its visitors with its exotic beauty, spotless beauty, proven privacy and clean environment.  Whenever you are in Mandarmani, you would be pleased to create some beautiful memories with your loved ones by enjoying a long walk in its pristine beach or playing with the calm waves or just sitting for some hours in its seashore.

Mandarmani Beach - the clean and uncrowded sea beaches of west bengal
Mandarmani beach p.c. Wikipedia

A good number of private hotels, resorts, and guest houses are available in Mandarmani where all modern facilities are provided at an affordable price. Local cuisines of the beach are dominated by seafood although Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes are also served in the local bistros.

How to reach:

Mandarmani beach can be availed directly by bus or private car from Kolkata (or Esplanade bus terminus). If you are traveling by train then you have to reach Digha station first and from Digha, you will get frequent local transport or shared car to reach Mandarmani within few hours.

Mandarmani Beach Itineraries

Mousuni Island

Adjacent to Sunderbans, Mousuni Island is located as yet to be explored pristine island where you would love to hide from the daily chores of the bustling city. Clean transparent water, elongated white sand filled Baliara beach, uncountable different species of colorful birds and calm environment of Mousuni Island would definitely give you a chance to find your peace of mind.

Mousuni Islands, sea beaches near kolkata
Mousuni island p.c. Pinterest

The main attraction of this island is its tent accommodation. Still not developed as a proper tourist spot, the island offers tent facilities to let the tourists spend some cozy moments with mother nature. The tents are comfortable with all modern necessities and delicious seafood dominated meals are also provided by the tent authorities.

How to reach: To reach Mousuni Island, you have to cross two narrow creeks through exciting boat rides. If you are availing public transport then you have to reach at Namkhana Railway station or bus stand from where you will get connecting vehicles to arrive at Mousuni Island.

Mousuni Islands Itineraries

Udaipur Beach

Are you looking to spend your holidays on isolated and uncrowded beaches of West Bengal other than Digha? If so then you may just cross about 3 km away from Digha to reach the newly recognized beach – Udaipur. This solitary and romantic sea beach is now becoming a hotspot of pleasant honeymoon trips. Whenever you are in Udaipur beach, don’t miss to witness the majestic view of sunrise and sunset at the sea horizon. Small fishing huts, makeshift stalls, paragliding sessions, long beach walks, sparkling waves and peaceful environment would keep you far away from daily chaos.

Udaipur beacuh - The uncrowded beaches of bengal
Paragliding at Udaipur-beach p.c. TripAdvisor

Cozy and clean tents are available at a walking distance from the beach and you can easily spend some cozy moments with your loved ones in these tents. You may also confirm your accommodation in Digha although advance booking is a better option. Mouthwatering seafood are easily available in the local eateries.

How to reach:

From Esplanade bus terminus (Kolkata) or Howrah station (Kolkata) plenty of buses and trains daily head to Digha. You may also directly reach Digha from Kolkata or any nearest place (of South Bengal) by private or own car. At Digha bus stand or main beach, you will get Toto or other local vehicles which would take you to Udaipur beach within 15 minutes.

Udaipur Beach Itineraries

So, without wasting more time, pack your bags and be ready to explore the beauty of uncrowded beaches of Bengal in your next trip.

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