In this ultra-modern age when girls are creating histories and conquering the world, they still hesitate to become a ‘Solo Traveller’. What may be the reason behind such hesitation? The social barrier or self-security? I think both the reasons come together whenever a girl wishes to travel all alone. Here I am going to share my experience as a solo girl traveler while you travel to Sikkim and Darjeeling. These two destinations of North-East India are some of the ‘safest destinations’ for all solo travelers. Hope my experience will boost your confidence of seeing yourself as a ‘ Female Solo Traveler’.

A solo girl traveler

To take a break from the daily monotonous life I badly needed a leisure trip for myself. But, being a girl it was so difficult convincing my family to let me go for a solo trip to one of my favorite destinations- the hills of Darjeeling & Sikkim. So I approached my friends and acquaintances whether they would be available for a holiday trip to the ‘Queen of Hills’. Due to some reasons, no one was available to accompany me on such trip. So, finally, I decided to treat myself with a solo trip and travel to Sikkim and Darjeeling.

It was not easy to gain the confidence as I had never gone alone to any holiday destination. As a tourist and I hardly knew about those places.  So, to take a step towards my dream I started to research on those hilly areas- locations. Both popular and offbeat places, accommodations, transportation, safety measures and everything (as available in Google) related to these two destinations.

There were so many information and loads to travel packages (offered by various travel agencies, companies and websites) so I was literally confused and the estimated costs mentioned by such packages were running out of my budget. I really lost my enthusiasm at that moment but suddenly I just came across a website ‘Meaningful Travel India‘ that was saying ‘Give your travel a meaning’.

Darjeeling town p.c. Quora

Without wasting any time, I went through the website and cheered me up as it was what I looked for. Meaningful Travel India is not just a tourism kiosk it is actually a boon for the travel lovers who want to be a part of ‘meaningful journeys‘. The concept of Meaningful Travel India is to connect the tourists with the local hosts who will guide the willing travelers to complete a meaningful worthy trip through the offbeat rural destinations of India.

Sikkim p.c. A lifetime trip

After reading the whole concept of ‘Meaningful Travel India’; I submitted quickly my desired destinations (Darjeeling and Sikkim), tentative dates, budget, other details and queries in its ‘Customize your trip’ web page and within 24 hours I got a call from one of their local hosts. The host belongs to Sikkim and he answered all my queries, designed my travel plan and informed me about all the details with sheer support and gratitude. With his guidance, I chalked out my plan and gained the confidence to live my dreams.

Safety and Security while you travel to Sikkim and Darjeeling: 

Being a solo girl traveler my first concern was whether the trip and the destinations (chosen by me) would be safe and secure for me or not. After going through various blogs, travelogues and discussing with my acquaintances, I got enough courage of tripping Sikkim & Darjeeling all alone. But after getting connected with my localhost, I was assured although I was going on a solo trip he would always be connected with me throughout my trip.

Nestle homestay @ Darjeeling p.c. TripAdvisor

Food & Accommodation: 

As I was tripping alone so it was really tough for me to book an unknown hotel in such hill stations where I had to spend all days and nights all alone. So my localhost suggested me to book a homestay where I would love to stay safely and happily with the friendly family of homestay owner during my leisure hours in Darjeeling and Sikkim. I was also informed that the family would provide delicious healthy meals so I would not have to waste my time in search of eateries.

Accommodations in and around Darjeeling and Sikkim.

Homestay p.c. GDF projects

Travel Itineraries

Being a native dweller of Sikkim, my localhost was fully aware of all the places. It included all the routes and the communications. As I had mentioned him earlier about the trip duration he had beautifully designed my day-wise itinerary. It made me easier to cover the places as per my feasibility.

Check the best Itineraries of Darjeeling and Sikkim


As I was traveling alone, I had to take a note of my expenses. So, I opted for taking shared vehicles. My localhost made me fully aware of all the rents and whereabouts of the shared vehicles. So I traveled to all destinations from NJP (New Jalpaiguri Railway Station) to Darjeeling and then to Sikkim on shared vehicles. All and only at a remarkably affordable price.

Beautiful Sikkim p.c. Krishnendu Sarkar

Finally, as per the plans I drafted a complete solo travel to Darjeeling and Sikkim with ‘Meaningful Travel India’. They shared with me an estimated total cost of the trip that was within my budget. On the scheduled date I reached New Jalpaiguri Railway Station(NJP) from where I availed a shared car to Sikkim. Till the start of my trip and throughout the trip I was well connected with my localhost. At Sikkim, I finally met him in person. During my tour around Sikkim, he accompanied me and gave me ample scope to explore the hidden beauty of Sikkim.

Splendid view @ Darjeeling p.c. Shutterstock

While returning back to Siliguri, I spent a day in Darjeeling too. The itineraries for Darjeeling were also available so I had not to face any trouble to enjoy my solo trip. Finally, I came back to Kolkata after fulfilling my dream and energizing me with the fresh air of hills. I had no words to thank my localhost as well as Meaningful Travel India. They fulfilled my wish of solo travel to Sikkim and Darjeeling, all ending with the sweetest memories of my life.

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