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How often do you wish for a serene and beautiful location very near to the engorging hustle and bustle of Siliguri? Like a door, that could enter you into a different world within a blink of an eye. The same could again bring you back to your real world, all fresh, with totally a new zeal and energy. So, Meaningful Travel now fulfills your wishes and brings with it some new offbeat homestay locations near Siliguri. These homestays near Siliguri can be reached in less than 2-3 hours of drive and some are even at less than a one-hour driving distance from Siliguri.

So, whether it’s planned or not planned, just start from Siliguri during your weekends and spend a night away from the crowd and sonorous city life, just to take a short nap in the lap of nature.


1. Gulma Homestay

homestays near siliguri


This homestay is among the shortest trip Homestays near Siliguri. You can reach this place just within an hour. This location is just 1 km from the Gulma Railway Station and 3.5 kms from Sukna Railway station. Though an outskirt rural location of Siliguri, not many people from Siliguri know that some popular Bollywood movies like Jagga Jasoos and Barfi were shot here. It will just take 30 minutes for any traveler from Siliguri to reach this place. So this location can be your doorway to a different world.  The name of this village is Khaireni, and its a forest village. As a forest village, it is surrounded by the green lusciousness of  Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.

If on one side you can feel the chilling breeze coming down all the way from Kurseong hills then on the other side you can smell the aroma of the beautiful Gulma Tea Garden. Although this location, in reality, is so near to Siliguri, you will always feel like you are miles and miles away from Siliguri.

Apart from the location, the village culture will also give you a different village-life experience. The small wooden houses, the village lanes, and vast fields with open sky are all you always searched amongst the best homestays near Siliguri.

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2. Shivkhola Adventure Camp- A Riverside homestay near Siliguri




Shivakhola is a location best for the adventure lovers. At a distance of just 27 kms away from Siliguri, this can be the best weekend destination for Siliguri. Though it is a river homestay near Siliguri, it is more an adventure camp. The only reason it is similar to a homestay is that it is run and served by a local host who manages it like his own home.

You can reach this location taking the Sukna Road towards Rongtong. It’s not only one of the best family tour destination, but the location can also be more adventurous with an addition of activities like rock climbing, Rappeling, River Crossing etc. The surprising thing is that just after a drive of around 1 hour you can escape the engorging heat of Siliguri and reach this hill destination. So for all the travelers who want to enjoy getting wet in the chilled water of a mountainous stream then Shiva Khola- The river of Lord Shiva will be your best choice.


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3. Dhwajia busty Lepcha Homestay – Experience the true essence of Lepcha culture Homestays near Siliguri.


Lepcha Homestays near siliguri

How strange would you feel, if all of a sudden you travel back to the time of indigenous tribal lifestyle. No beds, but mattresses, no Gas ovens but huge fireplaces, no chairs or couches but a hand-weaved mat made of Paddy-straw or Maize peel, sitting together around a fireplace where someone would be cooking for you all smoky and hot. Well, this is what you can get if you are curious enough to travel a driving distance of Just 2 hours from Siliguri. On the way, you will cross Dudhia- the famous Picnic spot and then just a little ahead leave the road to Mirik and take a right towards this little explored weekend destination of Siliguri. The name of this location is Dhwajia Busty and is located on the slopes of River Rangbhang- a mountainous stream.

The best of these Lepcha homestays near Siliguri is that, although you will accommodate in a shelter that won’t have all the amenities you see in an urban lifestyle, you will certainly not demand one. The accommodation is too comfortable with a unique experience. In addition to the accommodation, your Lepcha host communities’ hospitality and their showcase of purely cultural lifestyle will surprise you. The day activities include, fishing, searching for wild yams, trekking and at night a wonderful cultural music.

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4. Dilaram – Kettle Valley Homestay near Siliguri


kettle valley - a homestay near siliguri

Though many people cross Kurseong on the way to Darjeeling, most of them always overlook a concealed beauty that lies in between, and that is Dilaram. A small but quite a mix of both urban and rural, this small hamlet is a gateway to the most beautiful rural destinations of Darjeeling. Whether you are looking for some of the most beautiful homestays near Siliguri and Darjeeling, or you also want a day’s trip to the mainstream Tourism itinerary of Darjeeling, Dilaram has it all. At just 45 kms away from Siliguri, you reach this place just after you cross Kurseong main town area. So for all the Weekend travelers from Siliguri, this is one of the best homestays near Siliguri.

Once you leave the main road to Darjeeling from Dilaram you get a lot of options to explore the most beautiful rural areas of Darjeeling. The places like Chatakpur, Sittong-Shelphu, Latpanchar, Haldiram etc. all fall on this route and Dilaram is the nearest destination from Siliguri. So you can take this destination as your weekend destination from Siliguri and feel like you have explored almost the whole of Darjeeling. The luscious tea Gardens, the private forest, the Salamander Lake and many more, you can explore all even while you are on your shortest leave from Siliguri. A homestay owned by a local host – Kettle valley serves all the meaningful travelers with the utmost gratitude anyone expects from the Himalayan culture. So you can call this location as one of the preffered homestays near Siliguri during the month of October till December.


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5. Sittong – Shelphu – Aahaal Dara Homestay Near siliguri



Sittong-Shelphu has now become a hub for Bird-Lovers. If you have a hobby of Bird-Photography, then the time has come to fuel it to give more life during your weekends. Take the route to Kalimpong and just after you cross Kalijhora, you get a road to your left that will reach you to this beautiful destination that shares the beauty of both Cinchona Plantation and forest. It won’t take more than 2 hours for any traveler to reach this place from Siliguri.

There is a beautiful homestay – Aahal Dara homestay, that provides a beautiful accommodation with unique cultural experience to the travelers. The place is near to Latpanchar, that has become the nearest bird watching destination for Siliguri. If you travel to this place during the month of October- January, then you can certainly find the place more beautiful decorated with the orange laden trees.

So, if you are from Siliguri and always wish to explore the whole hills within a short weekend leave then Sittong Shelphu can be your best option.

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6. Tabakoshi – Sunakhari Homestay near Siliguri


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Quite remote and offbeat this location is perfect for the ones who want little of all the beauty of Darjeeling Hills. The place is in between Mirik and Darjeeling ( Sukhia). However, it’s not so easily accessible. You can either drive from Mirik taking the route to Thurbo tea estate or from Sukhia. On the way, you will see a mesmerizing view of beautiful hillocks carpeted with tea bushes and frames with snaky roads taking turns through the hills. Tabakoshi is located on the bank of a river. Surprisingly this place doesn’t seem like hills, but in fact, it is a valley surrounded by hills, But it certainly counts among the highly recommended homestays near Siliguri.

A beautifully decorated homestay – Sunakhari Homestay provides the best accommodation for the travelers. Many officials and weekend travelers travel to this place this place to take a break from their busy lives. Although it may not be possible to reach this place and get back if you really want to enjoy the nature. One night’s stay or two nights stay will be perfect for you if are from Siliguri, just start late in the Friday evening from Siliguri and reach this place to save you a whole Saturday and Sunday to get close to the nature and culture of hills at Tabakoshi.

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7. Chuikhim-Yelbong – Pabitra Homestay

Chuikhim Yelbong homestay booking


This location will give a mix experience of both Hills and the beautiful Lower hill and plain areas of Dooars. Located just at a driving distance of 2 hours from Siliguri, you can reach this destination from Bagrakote. Bagrakote is a small stop that falls on the national highway from Siliguri to Bhutan. Chuikhim and Yelbong are two different villages, but you can explore both choosing any one of them. Yelbong is mostly famous only among the local hosts. Local Hosts love this place because of its beautiful caves that are crafted by the river water. This location is again a gateway to the other offbeat and rural locations in and around Kalimpong. Some names of such places are Charcoal, Singji, Barbor, Relly, Samthar. Once you are in this place, you can either drive Kalimpong or even drive to Lolegaon Samthar. There are many other rural destinations that can be reached from this place.

Though this place is near to Siliguri, not many travelers have heard about this place. Even when this place falls on their way to Lataguri. The village with its purely rural culture is still away from the urban demands and still lies chastened and unexplored. There is a homestay – Pabitra Homestay, run by a local Lady. The homestay located at the top of a hill will make you oblivious to all the burden and tiredness of city life. The place is certainly a recommended escape from the busy city life during your short weekends.

So, Meaningful travel now connects you with the true local hosts of all the rural destinations of West Bengal and Sikkim, so this recommendation is from the local people of the hills for the meaningful travelers from Siliguri. If you really want an itinerary of the recommended Homestays near Siliguri that will show you the areas through a local host’s eye, then feel free to send your inquiry mentioning any rural destination of Bengal, and the local hosts would be obliged to call you back.


Talk with Local hosts West Bengal, Sikkim and North-East India and design your best itinerary of your Travel Diary.



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