Best travel plans of west bengal and sikkim

This may sound quite absurd but like every being has a unique character and everyone chooses a different path, travel plans also can be different based on every individual’s character. You may be confused as of now, as to how can you design a travel plan only tailored to fit your size. Well, it’s so very possible now with some of the best travel plans for north Bengal and Sikkim, that perfectly matches your wandering soul. With meaningful travel hosts you can now plan your own travel route and be your own guide.

The hosts will only help you visualise your journey, it’s you who have to live and materialise n it. here are the few tips that will help you to clear your mind and make a path to the horizon that you’ve always dreamt of. The post wont talk about any offbeat destinations of North Bengal and Sikkim, but it will help you to discover them in your own way.

Know the real “You” in you before you choose any guided travel plans of North Bengal and Sikkim.

This may sound spiritual, but this is what gives you the ultimate happiness. If you are not spiritually connected to yourself , you may only feel the artificial happiness  but not the real happiness. you will travel inside an environmental bubble that will have projected impressions. So, just for few hours forget the workaholic office guy, the targets, the traffic lights, the sonorous horns, and look inside you.

What is that gives you true happiness? I remember few travellers who avoided the beautiful potted flowers decorated in a home stay and were busy enough to shoot the wild flower that grows abundantly and doesn’t attract anyone. So before you plan any travel plan for North Bengal and Sikkim, think deep about your own likes. Whether you love the scent of a forest, smoky aroma of Momos, the incense sticks of Monasteries, or the cold breeze of mountains, these all will help you know yourself better.


Know your hobbies that gives you immense happiness.

Every one has a hobby that rejuvenates the positive energy in them. if you have one be sure to match it with your travel plans for North Bengal and Sikkim. there are diverse options available for the travel plans designed by the locals. For example if you love fishing, then add a day in your travel itinerary  that you will spent doing fishing in North Bengal. Similarly the other tours are butterfly watching tours, bird watching tours etc. So choose your hobby and explain it the host, so he can help you get a matching travel plan.

Adding a bit adventure.

Adding adventure depends upon your travel companions. If you are travelling with your family than perhaps you would go for safer zone. In that case a simple picnic by the river side, or a bonfire camping can workout. If you are travelling with friends then the type of adventure tours may change. In that case you may look out for some best trekking routes of North Bengal. So choose a travel plan that matches your kind of group.

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Your love for landscapes.

This is one important thing to determine. Some people love Mountains and some love sea beach tours of West Bengal.  When you are planning for the travel plans for North Bengal and Sikkim, then the best options are river side homestays, hill top homestays, the plain are homestays of doaars like Rajabhatkhawa, chilapata etc. So talk with the host and give your preferences whether you love mountains or plains, rivers and forests.

Your love for towns and villages.

This is another option that will help you design your kind of travel plan. Many people love cities and towns, and some love the solitude and nostalgic views of the villages. If you are travelling to the rural areas of North Bengal and Sikkim then you can either consider towns like Gangtok, Kalimpong and Darjeeling or the rural areas. So build your mind on where you want to stay and design your travel plans.


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