Orange orchard destinations of west bengal

With the arrival of Christmas comes a beautiful feeling of Travelling to the Himalayan destinations to watch the snow-capped mountains right from the warm and cosy bed of your room. There are many such locations in India, but West Bengal offers some destinations that are exclusively made for December delights

Bara Mangwa :  Darjeeling Orange Destinations of West Bengal to visit in December.


Location :

Just a 2 and half hrs drive from the main Railway Station of North Bengal- New Jalpaiguri (NJP) and the airport – Bagdogra ( IXB) , this destination is a renowned rural destination of West Bengal.  With some of the best views of Teesta River, Kalimpong on the other side, and Sikkim towards its north, the location is an advantage with equal distance accessibility to all the three destinations near and of North Bengal – Sikkim, Kalimpong and Darjeeling.  The other locations that you can explore from this place are Lamahatta, Peshok Tea Garden, Tinchuley, Soreng and Takdah Cantonment.

Reason to visit in December:

December changes this place into a heaven’s Garden. This destination is one of the largest Orange orchard areas of the whole district of Darjeeling. So, December is the month when you can see the whole valley of orange orchard laden with glowing balls like a Christmas Tree decorated with dazzling light-balls. Not just the views but you can even get to taste the best oranges of Darjeeling once you visit this area.

Accommodation at Bara Mangwa:

The area is an agricultural rural area. So you can also enjoy naturally grown food here. As the area is a rural area, you will not find any commercial hotels and resorts. Instead, you will many beautiful home stays owned and served by the local hosts. Bara Mangwa Orange Villa is one homestay that is surrounded by the largest orange orchard of Darjeeling. Staying in this homestay you can get all the facilities of what you can never get in any of the resorts of Darjeeling.

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Sittong-Shelphu : Kurseong Orange Destinations of West Bengal to visit in December.

Location :

This small region with sweeping landscapes inhabits many small beautiful villages falling under the jurisdiction of Kurseong Sub-Division. The range falls in between the vast plains of Siliguri and the chilling altitude of Darjeeling. The Kalimpong District is on the other side of River Teesta.  This part of the North Bengal Hills is quite isolated from others because most of these roads are link roads and are remotely located.


There are two different roads that can connect you to these places. The first is from Kurseong taking the road to Darjeeling from Siliguri. The other is from Kalijhora that falls on the way to Sikkim from Siliguri. Sittong -Shelphu are precisely two different villages – Sittong Village and Shelphu. There are many other beautiful villages that are nearby to these two villages like Latpanchar, Mahaldiram, Ghaley Taar etc. The area falls under the area of Directorate of Cinchona Plantation that historically have taught the people the best ways of Horticulture. This may be the reason the area is vegetation area including oranges, Plums, Avocados and Peaches.

Reason to Visit in December:

December turns this place into a heaven. The moisture of Teesta River and the chilled breeze flowing down all the way from the great Himalayas along with the green vegetation gives you some of the best picturesque views. Among all other destinations of West Bengal to visit in December, Sittong-Shephu is best known for Orange Orchards.

Accommodation at Sittong-Shelphu:

There are many beautiful homestays at Sittong – Shelphu. The homestays of Sittong Shephu  are the best to get a full cultural experience of the hilly villages. They all belong to the local Meaningful Travel hosts.

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