New year offbeat outdoor party at yelbong

New Year Outdoor Party for Adventure Lovers at Yelbong River Canyon :

So, you’ve made your decision that you can no longer stay squeezed wearing a sullen pout inside your own boundaries. Yes, you’re right. This New Year you should embrace a world that has no walls of limitation and restrictions.  A world Bestowed with prosperity and abundance. All you need to do is unfasten the belt of safety and come out to explore the beauty in the roughness, simplicity, chastity, and vividness of Mother Nature.  As because it’s the time when the universe with change the course of its path for delivering the energy of life upon you. So, why miss a chance when it’s you who can manifest the change and make it constantly favourable for you.

All this you can do is by welcoming this important event at the right time and at the right place.  So for all those backyard party guys, this is your opportunity to get oblivious of the past and just for few days, romance with nature.  This is the time to muster your guts and jump into the vortex to reach the other side of you.  So, this is a call to all those who truly have yearned this for years. Also multiply your cosmic energy by manifesting it together with all other nature worshippers and Lovers at Yelbong – A perfect rendezvous built by Nature.

About the Venue of the Event: Yelbong


Yelbong River Canyon Party


This event is happening in the true masterpiece creation of nature – Yelbong River Canyon.  Away from the strangulating crowd and the breathless life of cities, this place is a Neverland .  It is the only River Canyon yet to be explored in Kalimpong. The lagoons, filled with water sparkling like a blue sapphire, the sound of waterfalls playing the sublime music on the background, the emerald –like green view of Nature, and still delivering a silence of peace in your mind. Well, this is Yelbong.


About the Event: New Year offbeat outdoor party at Yelbong.


outdoor party in new year

This event is on the eve of New Year celebration. The event is a mix of adventure, camping, philanthropy, outdoor games, local drinks and food with bonfire and above all with the background of local music. Here are the few attractions to make this new  year party the most memorable event of your life:

  1. Village tour and River Side camping.
  2. Celebration time with Music, local organic food and bonfire with the villagers.
  3. A little philanthropy work in the end of the year by distributing some books and other educational items to the children of the village.
  4. River Trekking.
  5. Getting wet at the rainbow falls.
  6. Fishing
  7. Perfect games to revive your happiest childhood memories like Treasure Hunt while exploring the three hidden waterfalls.

..and many more.

  • Starting at 31st December 2018 – 2nd January 2019 (Checkout on 3rd January 2018).

So, join this tribe where we all meet as strangers but leave as friends  celebrating our one year friendship anniversary..isn’t that cool?  Enquire about the prices and details below, and we’ll more than happy to call you in.

The host will contact you at this no.
Please Mention your desired region and our hosts from that particular region will contact you.


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