Tough, tiring, excruciating, curiosity, dangerous, altitude, adrenaline, slippery, cold, if such are your synonymous words for travel then this post is for you. On the other hand if you’re the one who better loves to curl inside and just  enjoy the cosiness then there are certainly other posts for you. You may have visited  offbeat areas of North Bengal and Sikkim a lot of time. You also may have covered almost all the destinations that are common and popular.  Well, they are the places anyone can boast of. Now, if you are really bored of those common trails and scenic views then explore these most unique trekking routes of Kalimpong.

Kalimpong has now become a district. It is a district that stretches from Sikkim to Bhutan in its north and touches the vast Terai regions in the south. This vast Terai Region is more popular by the name Dooars in the tourism map of West Bengal. Dooars is also a wonderful region to explore. The topography and Geographical diversity makes the region a playground for different colors of culture, traditions, dialects and languages that dramatically changes after only every 5 kms of distance.

Apart from the different types of culture, nature has bestowed on this area some truly spectacular landscapes and terrains that attract the true lovers of nature. The areas have no human habitations and are far from the reach of urbanised comfort. This isolation has helped the areas to remain unexploited. So, enjoy reading the three most unique trekking routes of Kalimpong District that you can plan on your upcoming travel plans of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Sikkim.

  1. River- Trekking through Neora river at Neora Valley National Park.

Trekking routes of Kalimpong

Best Time : September till May 

Have you ever seen how life emerges in the tiniest creatures to the largest ones ? Take an example of a river. People may call a river a soul-less thing that is just a Geographical influence of nature. Well, you will be wrong if you go for this one of it’s kind of trekking route of Kalimpong District.  This route is also one of the most interesting trail to study about the richness of Neora Valley National Park. As the river flows through the dense and core area of the pristine heritage forest, one can see full life growing out of the river. This is the reason why a river is always called a heart-line of any forest. From the smallest insects to the largest mammals, every creature in the jungle lives on the blessings of a river.

Apart from the life on earth, the mesmerising music of the white river water splashing against the rocks and the youthful vigour are something that will light the fire in your belly. The trek is all about following the river upwards rewinding the age of the river. The rewind is nothing but for from the calm, wise and quiet age of a river to its young splashing and crashing age. With the age of the river getting younger the challenges will grow. The challenges are nothing but the tough climbing on the rocks, jumping from one stone to the other crossing the rushing flow the river water and thus, it goes on. This trekking route of Neora Valley National Park is exclusively for the wild and crazy trekkers who haven’t yet reached the heights of their adrenaline level. 

So if you really want to test yourself, join this trekking with your crazy mates here at River Trekking At Neora Valley National Park

2. Rachela Trekking – The highest peak of Neora Valley National Park – 3200 mts.

 Bet Time : September – May

This trekking route of Kalimpong allows a complete exploration of Neora Valley National Park. Starting from Lava, the route covers different types of vegetation from rain forest to coniferous forest of Neora Valley National Park. If you want to capture the enchanting view of a complete red forest then the best time is April. This is the time when the whole Rhododendron forest of Neora Valley National Park at Rachela point blossoms with Rhododendron flower. Rachela is also called tri-junction because it was once the meeting point of three territories – Bhutan, Sikkim and West Bengal. So Rachela was once a pass route for entering the territories. Jorepokhari lake is another attraction of this place. At an altitude of 3200 mts above the sea level, the lake is surrounded by Rhododendron forest. The view of Kanchenjunga range from this peak during sunrise is the best view that you can find nowhere. 

Rachela Pass trekking route of Kalimpong has today become the best route for both the botanists and zoologists. So, this trekking route can also be named as the best trekking routes for Botanists and zoologists in West Bengal. 

So here you can plan about this trekking and get involved : Rachela Trekking at Neora Valley National Park.

3. Yelbong River Canyon Trek : The only Trekking Route of Kalimpong that you can find nowhere in West Bengal.

River Canyon trekking in west bengal

This is perhaps the most unique trekking routs of Kalimpong. The reason behind this is the Geographical miracle you can see at this place. How many canyons has anyone discovered yet in India ? Well, this one is truly a treasure hunt for the trekkers of West Bengal. There are very few river canyons one can find in India, well, thanks to the local Host of Meaningful Travel – Francis Rai , who found this place amidst the dense and unexplored forest of Noam Range. The canyon is built by a stream and its more than 100 to 150 feet deep. The chilling stream water flows through the canyon. So, apart from hiking and trekking, you also have to swim to cross this canyon. If you have claustrophobia then this trekking route of Kalimpong District is strictly not for you. Also if you are not a swimmer, this trekking route may be a tough one for you. Though a moderate trekking route

Yelbong River Canyon Trek
Francis Rai

 of Kalimpong , Yelbong River Canyon trek is truly meant for those who really want to test their adrenaline level. The obstacles you will come across while getting inside the canyon are just too adventurous. The waterfalls, the darkness, and the chilling water hits your nerves. 

So if you truly want to explore this unique trekking route of Kalimpong then just go through the full itinerary and images here .  Yelbong River Canyon Trekking


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