So, you have travelled almost all the offbeat and rural destinations of  North Bengal. Now you are browsing for the new offbeat destinations of around Kalimpong, and you are not satisfied. Well, you should understand that new destination are promoted initially by the hosts before it is found in commercial travel websites. It is better to stop inserting some new keywords like new destinations in around Darjeeling, New offbeat travel Destinations around Kalimpong and so on. You will never find it unless you know some true local hosts of the areas who are helping their friends to promote their own destinations. Here at Meaningful Travel, you have all the hosts for the correct information. Here are few such new Destinations recommended by the true local hosts of North Bengal :

New offbeat Destinations around Kalimpong and Old Silk Route.

Whether it’s the Old Silk Route Tour of Sikkim, Trekking in Neora Valley National Park, Cinchona Plantation tour, and the Paragliding and rafting tours, Kalimpong has all in it. So, all those adventurous lovers can now flag some new ribbons once you cover these new offbeat destinations of Kalimpong. Not forgetting the remoteness of the place, you have the advantage to cover all the options mentioned above more comfortably.


Amidst the green lusciousness of hills with the mesmerizing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and rich heritage and culture of century-old Cinchona Plantation, Sangsey is one of the hidden Paradises of North Bengal. Although the place seems alike the other hilly destinations, the best reason to stay here is the accessibility to other destinations. staying here you can explore both the urban side of Kalimpong district and also the rural life. Apart from culture and heritage, you can also add some adventure activities while you stay at Sangsey. Some of such activities are River rafting at River Teesta and Paragliding at Delo.

There are beautiful homestays at Sangsey, so no worries about good and clean accommodation. So if you need the best itineraries of Sangsey Feel free to contact our hosts.

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Sakyong is now a new option for the Old Silk Route travelers. Till now Sillerygaon, Ichheygaon, Ramdhura are the transit destinations for Old Silk Route. It falls on the way to Pedong and thus provides more options for activities rather than just a Transit Destination. In addition to the mesmerizing vies of Kanchenjunga, the place is best for even three nights accommodation. Staying at Sakyong one can both cover the Silk route and also other destinations like Lava, Reshyop, Lolegaon, Kolakham etc.

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Mansang is precisely the name of a larger area that also consists of places like Ramdhura and Iccheygaon. Its the name of a whole division of Cinchona Plantation area of Burmiok. One cannot differ the view and natural beauty of Mansang with other destinations. So, for those who have enough of Ichheygaon and Ramshura can now also explore Mansang, a new offbeat destination of Kalimpong.

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