Female solo travelers to Darjeeling and Sikkim

“They’re like our girls from the Himalayan Tribes. Bold and Beautiful’ Says Mr. Hom Khawas in his hilly accent wearing a charming relentless smile. He hosts a beautiful homestay at Chuikhim for travelers from all across the world. Exploring the depth rather than floating around the common crowded spots is always a quest for most of the backpackers and solo travelers. In this constant endeavor, they always find what they seek for – a cultured family and unexplored natural beauty. Although nowadays it’s easy to find all the information about such places, there is always a lack of communication regarding the correct information. This lack of information is what drives such wandering souls to find their own line. As every traveler says,” There is no fun of curiosity in the exploration and discovery when you already have it known to everyone?”. 

The remote villages of the Hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim are slowly becoming the target in the map of backpackers and solo travelers. In this context, the real hosts of such destinations have varied perspectives of the travelers they host. As most of the tribal culture of the hilly villages of Darjeeling and Sikkim share nearly the same culture and tradition, their notion about hosting different types of travelers is averagely same. Apart from the tourists from the same state (West Bengal), they also now have the opportunity to host the Domestic travelers from other states and also international travelers. With this exposure to different races, colors, languages, culture, tradition, sexes, professions, nationalities, mentalities, political understanding and whatsoever, the home-stays in the villages have become the stage for the travelers of different origin where the hosts are the critics and analytics. Pertaining to this opportunity, the hosts get without even moving out of their village premises, it’s a privilege to understand their perceptions about rural tourism.

When the corporates are spending extravagantly on digital marketing to grasp the market, the hosts of Darjeeling and Sikkim are attracting travelers from all around the world with their independent effort, and in some places even without the help of the Internet. So how’re they doing it? The answer to this question from most of the hosts are, “Well our area doesn’t even have the network signal for voice calls, so internet is an advanced thing for us. That job of publishing online is done by the travel bloggers, backpackers, and mostly Female Solo Travelers. Whenever we get to host any female Solo traveler, we know that she’s the marketing Angel for us” Again the question was, How?. The answers were so precisely elaborative, that the result was this post of gratitude on behalf of all the hosts to convey their heartful of thanks to all the female solo travelers who’ve been to the rural home-stays of Sikkim and Darjeeling. 

They’re Enlightened:

Never go for their beautiful, shy and innocent faces or even try to make faces. Their mind is no more than an encyclopedia. So even if you boast of being the son of the soil, they know every story, they’re just to be themselves and not even for authenticating. They share the knowledge and leave behind their past experiences in the form of stories that enlighten the hosts and their family as well. It’s like they bring the book of the whole world inside your small house packed cozily in their bright-colored rucksacks. 

They are Extroverted introvert:

This term is perfectly made for female solo travelers. They travel alone and may seem like holding big secrets. They may be shy and conservative, but they carry a whole bunch of followers behind them. Their social presence is far more active than other travelers. This is the reason why female solo travelers are the best marketing profiles for the hosts of the rural homestay. 

They’re Individualistic:

Unlike the male backpackers, who’re more interested in the presentation style in the dining table, taking note of the recipes recited by the male members, female solo travelers like to be in the kitchen serving the other members of the family. She plays the role differently for every member of the family from the eldest grandfather to the youngest breastfeeding child of the house. Well, even the pets take them as a part of the family. So, everyone has a different story about her as she plays a different character for every member of the family individually.

They are the Scribe:

Never get blown away and give a dizzy talk. Every moment she spends with you will become a story in a book. So, if you represent your community, village, culture, present it well. Just think like you are showing the small and remote world to everyone in this world. This is the exact reason why the hosts say that they carry the whole world in their pink girlish diary hidden inside their rucksack.

They’re spiritually believers:

People have their own beliefs, tradition, customs that may seem like stupidity to others. Many even try to justify it with their scientific and logical reasoning. On the contrary, female solo travelers are believers. Though they may have that logical question in their mind, they let it go. So, they embrace rather than resist. This makes them a part of every little thing in the host’s world.

They are the bond-stones:

Most of the times the bond between the hosts and the travelers stays only till the traveler checks out. After that, it’s a new world, new people, and new stories for them. Female travelers are bond- stones. They always build a bond throughout their life. Even after they leave, they keep this bond forever. Not only for the host but individually for every member of the family that bond remains forever. 

There is more hidden reason why the hosts love female solo travelers, but above all, the best appreciable part is that they mostly build their travel plans with the help of unprofessional rural hosts. This may be because of they predetermine the safety measures and feel more secured with the locals. This gives the local hosts the pride in as it gives them the realization of the richness of their culture and simplicity in comparison to the urbanized world. 

( This article is a message  of thanks from our local hosts to all those female solo travelers who contacted without considering the language barriers, non – professional voice assistance, and just for believing our inner conscience of our culture of inherited hospitality.)

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