How would you feel if when leaving out the whole world you want to spend a part of your life only with your loved one, and alas! the ambiance seems so distracting and dull? There are many factors that deeply impact the newly building bond between a couple when they go out just for each other. Many couples make a list of the most renowned beautiful destinations and opt for the places that are precisely made for travelers who seek closeness to nature. Such destinations are best to achieve a euphoric sense of freedom. It’s not something that adds on to stimulate the romance between two people. Hence when you choose your honeymoon destination, you need to identify the common gap. This common gap is where you and your partner can both reach a state that should raise the feeling of togetherness, instead of isolation and freedom.

So here are few such offbeat destinations for a honeymoon in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Dooars region that should match the common gap of different characteristics of different couples. So, just find the one that matches yours and make your honeymoon, not an event but an important episode of your life.

  1. Jhusing
  2. Mouchuki
  3. Pala – Todey-Tangta
  4. Sisamara
  5. Mulkharka

Jhusing .

honeymoon destinations around kalimpong - Jhusing

If you love to be away from the crowd, then you must also be able to sacrifice a few amenities like transportation till the endpoint. Jhusing is one such destination that is still not accessible by road, but the short trek is the main mantra of this destination. A romantic walk through the narrow trails cutting through the mesmerizing views of the forest, remote villages and the mountains, will surely seem like an effort towards achieving the heights of romance with your partner. Located in Kalimpong district, this destination is a border village between Sikkim and West Bengal. As the village still sits cozily in the lap of true nature, so are the people of this village. Their heart full of smiles and laughter will add on to your happiness in togetherness.

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honeymoon destination of north bengal - mouchuki

Surrounded by the intense beauty and denseness of Neora Valley National Park, Mouchuki stands aloof from all the hotchpotch tourism destinations of West Bengal, and above all wearing a mysterious smile. Perhaps, this may be one of the remotest offbeat destinations for Honeymoon in West Bengal. You may have to have a steady back to reach this destination because of its rough road conditions. But optimistically this drawback adds the reason to its remoteness and chastened beauty. You may feel too close to each other, where only nature would be the silent spectator between your closeness. You can also add some action to it, by doing small treks and exploring the forest, streams, and waterfalls.

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Pala – Todey-Tangta

honemoon destination todey tangta
Pala- Todey Tangta

This destination is the last constituency of West Bengal. Divided by river Jaldhaka and Dawaikhola, it’s a border village between Bhutan and India. For many years this place was aloof from the mainstream tourism destinations because of the poor communication. However, now one can easily reach Todey-Tangta and then Pala village. This destination is also the checkout gate for the trekkers visiting Rachela Top – The highest peak of Neora Valley National park. Apart from the remoteness if some couples love to explore the renowned destinations either, then they can also visit Jholung, Bindu, and Paren on the way while driving towards Todey-Tangta.

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Sisamara Rhino camp-honeymoon destination of dooars

This is a riverside destination quite isolated from the main village. The destination provides the best experience of wilderness wherein you can spot wild animals from the other side of the Sisamara River. The river is the territory between the dense forest of Jaldapara and the village land. The long dam built along the river acts like a long beautiful pavement that can be best for a romantic walk. Although not a hilly destination, this terai region destination will give your romance a silhouette background of the horizon where the blue sky and green forest meets like the two lovers.

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honeymoon destination near kalimpong - mulkharka

This destination is all about, mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga, the forest of Neora Valley National park, and above all a beautiful lake that casts the shadow of Kanchenjunga. Mulkharka is the name of a lake. The village is also named after this holy lake. So, its like a wishing lake where the lovers can meet and plan their bright future filled with happiness. The village is remote but now you can avail of transportation till the village. However, the place still remains pure and the culture is still undisturbed by the urbanization syndrome. So if you love sitting under the shadow of almighty Kanchenjunga and raise the vibrations of your romance then this is the best offbeat destination for honeymoon for you.

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