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Dear Travel Blogger –

How long have you been blogging to reach your milestones?  The viewers now believe you above all their conclusions. Sometimes you forget about the place, you belong. You have become a local host of this whole world as if the whole world is your home. You write, describe, draw a perspective and do everything for your readers. In the end, all your endeavor is to promote a brand, and you forget those wrinkled smiles of the hosts who embraced you with their hearts. When viewers love your blog why don’t you just enhance your services from mere information to a real travel plan? We, your hosts are there whom you can believe more than any quality certified brands. Well, you may be thinking how? So, here is your answer from Meaningful Travel Bengal.

Our Introduction:


Meaningful travel Bengal is a real story of a blogger becoming a host guide.  It is my story. I never knew that when people demanded more information about the rural destinations I travel, I was precisely doing a job as a travel consultant. So, gradually “my” turned into us. Today we are a network of true local hosts of almost all the rural destinations of North Bengal and Sikkim.  They love and care about the beauty of their place. They are the ones who know about the place you wish to visit, more than anyone else in this world. Their smiles are not professional. Their gratitude is not something you learn to a degree or diploma. Their words are not scripts. They were our hosts once and today they are our consultancy partners. So we are a start-up travel company where our travelers do not deal with travel agents but the real hosts.

How do we work?


We promote the destination through our blog posts in form of our travel itineraries.  Our blog posts become the travel plan packages and we connect our viewers with our host representatives who represent Meaningful Travel Bengal. Our hosts are none other but the Home-stay owners, local forest villagers, medicine men and local guides and local drivers and transport owners.  We then deliver a complete travel package with accommodation facility, land transportation, travel guide spiced up with local culture, tradition, and hospitality.  So we have become a travel company whose employees and representatives are the local hosts. Our office is not a closed room but the rural destinations where our consultants work remotely from the field. Our viewers become our customers and local hosts become service providers leaving us as a fully active travel company.

Our products for financial benefits:


  1. The Travel Packages and exclusive niche based itineraries (Pre-experienced tours of Travelers) sold to travelers.
  2. Rack rate of Home-stay accommodation and other services.
  3. Our service charges and T.A.C ( Travel agent commission)

Our Ethics and Social Contribution:

  1. We work for environment engaging the host community where their awareness of conserving the nature of their place sustains their alternative income opportunity through rural tourism.
  2. Creating self-employment for the local people.
  3. Helping the community to protect their culture and tradition through cultural tourism.

Our Niches and genres:


Apart from the conventional or mainstream travel plans that work with hotels, resorts, and urban luxuries, we deal with almost any genre you can think of that has its road leading to offbeat and rural. Some of the examples are:
  1. Responsible Tourism
  2. Rural Tourism
  3. Eco- tourism
  4. Culture tourism
  5. Volunteer tourism
  6. Ethnic tourism
  7. Wild and jungle tours and trekking
  8. Research and wildlife tourism
  9. Photography, arts, writing etc

So, this is us, working together passionately and earning together happily.Now, you too can join as an affiliate partner of this company.

You too can become an independent and freelancer travel consultant and we’ll become your service provider. You will not just book your room as a compliment from our side, but also be our B2B client. Your blogging skill will be our marketing tool and your post will be our product to draw travelers to our destinations.Now it’s your turn

Here’s  how you can earn money with us as an independent Blogger:

Create and organize travel plans targeting the rural destinations of North Bengal and Sikkim :

  1. Recite your travel story in a form of the proposed itinerary: Some of the examples of such tours are:
  1. Meet the perishing medicine men of Himalayas.
  2. On Hunt for stories


  1. Blog from any travel genre and niches are welcome.
  2. Build your own inventory and calendar focusing on the best season for your customized travel plans.
  3. Become our ambassador – an option for the long-term partnership as our company shareholder.

Plan of Implementation :

Blogs based on multiple and diverse niches genres are welcome. For example, if your blog is about Budget traveling then we will provide you with the information about the relevant destinations where we have our hosts as representatives. You can create a travel plan for individual and groups with the help of your blogging skills recommending them to join the innovative journey designed by you. You can be the first point of contact for all the inquiries you receive. We on our side will work on your itinerary and make arrangements for accommodation, transportation and everything with the help of our native hosts.

Why with us when there are bigger brands with instant payments?

Have you ever felt for the travelers when they are not able to get a clear picture of the travel agents? No matter how offbeat and rural the destination would be, you know that the travelers are always bound to travel inside an environmental bubble created by corporate and professional travel agents who sell the destination without even physically knowing about it. This is gap we fill in. As a travel blogger, you would be introducing your readers not to any travel agent but directly to a homeowner, a farmer, a local cab driver, a family and all but only the end person.  Here is how you can add on to your story-telling skill and make it more real for your readers.

1. Unlike the other sites like that just provide the travelers the contact details of the accommodation owners only after payment, here your travelers will get full voice assistance and even physical meet-up at the destination. They will not only help to find the homestay accommodation but will also help to prepare a full travel plan including everything. So there are no external charges involved.

2. We have a complete establishment exactly like an active operations and management team of a travel company. The only difference is that our representatives work remotely right from the field that is their own village. They are the villagers who are trained and mentored by us. It’s an enhancement training that polishes their existing skills of hospitality and environmental awareness. Well, candidly they aren’t the fresh graduates from hospitality institutions. The biggest thing is they know how to treat their guests in own way.

How will you earn from all these?

Well, after all the above discussion you must have felt that you would be doing a job as a freelance travel consultant. So why not? You have us as your travel agency team with no travel agents involved. you are our business developer and we are your operations team working on behalf of your travel bog consultancy. all you need to do is use your creativity and prepare travel plan inspiring your readers to visit the destinations.

You will earn on every conversion a portion of the total travel plan cost. Exactly like the big travel companies earn. It will be an income that does not have any office overhead expenditure. Your skill and innovative ideas are all that is needed.

Free Invitation if you are there in the travel group :

Well, after all, that is said, you are our consultant and we would be happy to bear your expenses for accommodation and food for as long as you stay is in North Bengal and Sikkim. Be our partner and be our guest.

There are three options how travel bloggers can join us :
1. Yearly subscription and outsourcing contract.
We have a yearly subscription amount Rs 25000. Where everything will be arranged by us and the cost price of the itinerary will be given to you. You can charge your own selling price and just pay us 6% of the total selling itinerary cost in addition to the cost price given to you by us. Please remember that the cost price we are giving you does not include any middleman cost. It is the cost that directly goes to the end user like accommodation Owner, local transport owner etc. In this scenario, it’s like you have outsourced your service department to us. We will provide services on behalf of your company and represent your company. Here even we will provide you with our ready travel itineraries in form of the blog posts, that you can put on your calendar. We will also promote your blog post from our side through social networking. We will also include your travel site as our partner with a link to your blog posts.
2.  Independent Affiliate partner with no registration Payment.
Here you do not need to make any payment. You will just mention the travel plans in form of blog posts, and we will organize everything. After you refer the travelers to be serviced by us ( You must have already contacted the travelers and referred them to us by either your referral code or by informing us). In this case, we will pay you a part of the total itinerary cost we will provide the group if there is conversion. We will help you with some topics and themes of the tours that you can write as blog posts by yourself matching your niche and genre.
3. Our shareholder and company member:
You can buy the shares of our company and be our shareholder. We are turning into a private ltd company and we will be offering our shares to our members. So you can also be either a partner or an investor in the company.

**** Currently we have started this network only in West Bengal and Sikkim joining hands with the local stakeholders of almost all the rural and offbeat destination of Sikkim and North Bengal. Soon, we will expand this to other states of India as well. *****

So, if you are interested we can move ahead with our technical procedures to take you in. Just send us as many details about you, your blog and certainly your further questions. We would appreciate it. email us at chauthary@gmail.com

Website : https://www.meaningfultravelbengal.com/