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Everyone cares for nature, but very few really fold their sleeves to work on it. However, our innovative ways that directly promote environment provide ample choices for the contributors. It is to lively watch their effort bring desirable results. You can either be physically a part of it or just be a watcher. We will be proclaiming your humane effort as an inspirational message to the targeted forest villages of our region. We would be heralding your visit to the place to confirm the perfect utilization of your support. All for the conversion of factors that will reveal the changes brought in saving nature.
Our first projected area is Neora Valley National Park :
Villages that would be benefited for the encouragement of their role to save the natural resources are :
Samsing, Kumai, Rongo, Gairibas, Sakham , Lava, Todey.
The projects you can support that would not only promote the sustainable livelihood of these forest villages but also be an aid for environmental awareness campaigns are :

1.Organic certification of the poor farmer’s lands:

 Local awareness and environmental feasibility of the project:
Our organization that mainly has the involvement of local people would be volunteering this project. It is to proclaim the whole zone as an organic zone by getting it certified under ECOCERT. The funds will be solely for conducting the internal control system and paying the fees for the certifying agency. There are more than 300 poor farmers who will benefit from this project. It will save More than 1000 hectares of land from the clutches of chemical fertilizers. All will save the environment from getting exploited from its virginity.

The economic benefit of this project :

The area is rich with the diverse climate and fertility that enables the growth prospects of many agricultural schemes. Due to the lack of market, its utilization has never been implemented on a profitable scale. After this project, our effort will be to convert the area into a source for supplying fresh organic products to meet the high demand of the organic market. The already available products in the areas are Orange, strawberry, ginger, black cardamom etc. Thus more than 300 farmers will have the opportunity to economically grow by the optimum utilization of the available resources. It will further enhance their role to understand the importance of the richness of the adjacent biodiversity area of their region.

How can I support?


Help nature by sponsoing a farm and a farmer’s family by merely contributing $5 a month or $50 a year. After you start this benevolent effort we will send you the names and photographs of the farmer’s family and his farm and also the information on the process of organic certification for your confirmation. We will also inform you the economic growth of the farmer and his sustainability, after which we would be thankfully asking you to end the sponsorship, if you wish you can continue it but with the new farmer and a new farm. As a complimentary thanks, we would invite you to stay at our place as a part of our family where we would show you the ecological and economical changes your contribution has truly brought.
To start contributing, would highly appreciate your email with any further queries about contributing options 
The host will contact you at this no.
Please Mention your desired region and our hosts from that particular region will contact you.
Support forest villages
Role of forest villagers in saving the environment


If you want to help the community just as a traveler, and want to experience their daily life sharing you help in the form of the expertise you hold, then you can be a meaningful traveler and search for such journeys that will take you to such areas of North Bengal. To explore such journeys click > Meaningful Travel India<