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How a River’s life is depicted through this river trekking in Neora Valley National Park?

Every creation in this nature has it’s own heart-line that blesses it with life. Whether is a moving creature, or huge forests standing erect for hundreds of years. The elements of nature that plays the most important role in Earth are the rivers. The Rivers, like the fine artisans and sculptors, craft even the mountains into plains and also become the carrier of changing landscapes to build some of the most beautiful creations of life. A river so closely resembles life where you start as a child, grow into family and flow together towards the seas of life cutting the hassles of mountains, ups and downs.

Even their age teaches us the stages of life where in their young age they are fast, furious, wherein even the mountain cannot stand against their youthful vigour. Then they reach the age of wisdom- silent and calm, but deep with knowledge with so many things drowned deep with along with the responsibilities of a family. Their family that are no others other but the tributaries that join them in their journey of life. Their destination is inevitable and they know that it’s the sea where they should end their journey.

Now why not be a spectator of this miraculous journey that so very resembles your life. This river trekking in Neora Valley National Park is all bout witnessing the flow of life. The life of none other than the River Neora that is the life line. The life line of one of the most unique pristine heritage forests of India – Neora Valley National park.

A river trekking is a very different kind of Trek. It not only involves hiking but almost all the adventure activities. Some of the  like swimming, rock climbing, river crossing, rappeling, boldering etc will be involved in this kind of trek. So a River Trekking is a total package of adventure for adventure lovers.

This river trekking is only one of it's kind that was first started in the year 2014 by six nature lovers. Meaningful Travel boasts to be the pioneer for organising such a wonderful journey. This trekking starts from Sunder Busty that is a small village adjacent to one of the most renowned rural tourism spots of West Bengal - Samsing Suntalekhola. The trek is for 3 nights and 4 days where the first night can be spent in a beautiful homestay at suntalekhola. It starts from Sakkhaam and in the 2nd night you will reach a spot localley called Mithun Khaar. Mithun khaar is a place inside the dense forest of Neora Valley National Park where there is a natural salt pit. Its the most unique spot as because of salt lots of wild animals come to this spot. Even the beast called Mithun Visits this spot. Mithun is a wild bull found in Neora Valley National Park.


Day 1

Reaching Samsing Suntalekhola

This day you will reach Samsing Suntalekhola. Spend your evening taking a walk around the village. You can also visit the hanging bridge. First day always should be a peaceful time. This is the time when you can conscious mind can prepare for the big day. Before you get physically prepared for all the obstacles while you go for river trekking, mental preparation is most necessary.

Day 2

Starting the river trekking in Neora Valley National Park

Start you day with a hefty breakfast, as you may not know at what time you can have lunch. First few hours you will be trekking through villages. You will cross two villages on the way Compound and Sunderbusty and Sakkham. Once you reach the river the trek will start through the river. It will be a full day climbing , getting wet, jumping etc and once the night falls you will pitch the tents in a spot and spend the night on the bank of the river.

Day 3

Reaching Mithun Khaar

Early start is always good for trekking. It will be a wonderful time in the river. You will see how life flourishes from the river from small dragonflies, to the large rocky mountains and trees. As river is a lifeline every living creature in the wild is attracted to river as no one cane bare thirst. Neora river has some of the most beautiful walls on the way when you climb up. Th river is this stage is a young river rushing, splashing and screaming in its youthful vigour. Unlike other trekking river trekking wont let you feel your tiredness as there will be so much to explore and capture while you walk along with the river. This day you will reach Mithun Khaar and have to spend the night not in the river but near the river inside the jungle.

Day 4

Reaching the village and checking out.

Wake up early and spend some time at Mithun car looking at the wonders of nature. As this place is full of salt pits and minerals you will see splash of butterflies mud puddling and flying in groups through the waterfalls. After you will have enough you can start for the village. It will be a trek of around 4 hours so its better to start early and reach the village in time. This way you can catch the vehicle in time for reaching the nearest railway station.
  1. Tents
  2. Potter
  3. Guide
  4. Permit charges for Neora Valley national park
  5. Homestay accommodation
  6. Food ( all three meals ) for 3 nights and 4th day breakfast
  1. Transportation cost to reach Suntalekhola and also drop
  2. Please bring your own sleeping bags as its more hygienic
  3. No potters will carry your personal belongings, so potter cost for personal belongings is not included.

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