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Though little remote and unexplored, Rangbhang-Dhwajia Busty is a destination between Mirik and Darjeeling. The location starts from merely 700 meters and goes up to 1700 meters in altitude. This varying altitude has blessed this place with diverse bio-diversity that runs along with the valleys of many rivers. Some of the rivers are Balason near Bunkulung and Rangbhang. The road starts after you cross Doodhey which falls on the way to Mirik. Leaving the main road that goes to Mirik once you take right through a small link road, you will feel the difference. The difference is not much but, the remoteness of the area and the dense greenery of the forest that is an abode to many wild animals, matched with some of the best traditional homestays of West Bengal is all that makes it unique. This Travel plan will take you to all the traditional homestays of West Bengal that not have the true ambiance of Himalayan Culture but also serve you with their true culture and tradition.

There are many homestays in Rangbhang. This particular itinerary will show you the Lepcha culture of Himalayan tribes. Our Lepcha Hosts will be there to assist you with all your curiosity. There are other homestays as well which you can certainly customize when you send your booking inquiry below.


Day 1

Arrive at Rangbhang

Rangbhang is quite a remote location. There are two ways to reach Rangbhang, but the easiest way is to take the road towards Mirik from Siliguri. After you cross A location named Doodhey, You will get an offbeat road taking right from the main road. This the road you have to follow. You will cross many villages on the way. Once you reach the place just get ready to be amazed by the simplicity of Lepcha community and their beautiful homestay. Dhwajia Busty is on the way to Rangbhang.

Please feel free to ask our local hosts.

Please feel free to ask our local hosts.

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