Paren – 1st Day: The Roads of
North Bengal.


After availing the pick-up from the nearest Railway station
from PAREN i.e. New Mal Junction or NJP, or Bagdogra airport enjoy the drive
through the curved turns of Sevoke and the adventurous sharp cliff on the right
hand side ending on the snow-fed river Teesta. The 2 and half hours of drive to
Paren give you mesmerizing glimpses of mountains, streams forests, tea gardens
and vast paddy fields.

After crossing the Chapramari forest of Chalsa, the Suren
golai view point of Jaldhaka and Bhutan and Jholung you can take a lunch break
at Titanic point. Titanic Point is a Dhaba run by a group of women built on a
beautiful site on the way to Paren, giving you the closest view of crystal
clear water of River Jaldhaka flowing through the edge of hills.

Once you reach Khambuhang Resort, the best accommodation of
Paren you can feel the cozy silence of Nature and sheds built amidst a
beautiful orange orchard. The environment will certainly appeal and appall you
to go for a rest to heal the tiredness of long journey from your home to the
destination -Paren. The dinner served will not only quench your appetite but
will also act as an appetizer for your relaxation.

Paren – 2nd Day: The Exploring Day.


The day begins with an adventurous zeal, so you can avail a
short trek to a nearby hill. The energy required to climb the hill will be
impalpably passed by the sightings of beautiful birds and butterflies on the
way that adds an extra experience of Bird and Butterfly watching to the trek.

After enjoying the view from the top of the hill, you can
then run down back to the resort as the breakfast will be eagerly waiting for
you.  After the breakfast you can proceed
towards the nearby spots in a vehicle. The nearby spots are Bindu, one of the
oldest hydel project dams of India. After visiting Bindu, the other spot is
Todey, a remote location that happens to be the last constituency of Darjeeling
and the check out point of Neora Valley National Park. You can come back from
Bindu to the resort and have your lunch as the resort is on the way to Todey.

In the evening you can ask to make the arrangements of a
lovely bonfire where you can taste the local style barbecued items.

Paren – The Adventurous
Experience In Jaldhaka

Morning/ Afternoon:

After having the breakfast, you can either check out or if
you have planned to avail one more night in Paren , then obviously there is
more to explore about Paren.  It is then
time for you to plan getting sun tanned and catch some river water fishes at
River Jaldhaka, where you can enjoy the Picnic lunch. The cook can accompany
you to prepare the lunch at the river site. The best tip is to ask the guide to
escort you to a place that the local people prefer and that is only if you want
to avoid the usual crowded sites of River Jaldhaka.


After enjoying the fishing trek and some river activities
and picnic lunch, you can come back to the resort and in the evening and take
some rest as it would have been be a long day for you. The evening can be spent
visiting the village house and enjoying the colorful culture of hills. Then
soon it will be the dinner time.

Paren – 4th day: The closing of
Memories of North Bengal.


After the Breakfast, you can check out as you have built
enough memories built about Paren and your lovely stay at Khambuhang Resort.

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