Have you ever booked an accommodation at an offbeat location? Then you must have faced a lot of problem getting there. When you say offbeat, it’s obvious that there will not be much information available on the internet. Also, the professional customer representatives of even the best travel companies cant help you. In this context, you miss one thing – The Local Hosts. This is for sure that your choice for the offbeat locations tells that you want a meaningful travel experience. Something you would never get staying in a hotel in the best towns. So here’s the difference when you travel with us – Meaningful Travel India.

Meaningful Travel for the first time brings a platform where the voices you hear as customer representatives and consultants are of the true local hosts. You just need to choose a preferred destination or just type your interest and send it to us. We do not directly land you on the booking button, but our booking acts like an ice-breaker for our local hosts. We have a network of local hosts who serve you through their voice support right from their own location rather than a closed office room. So whenever you contact us through the booking button our local hosts who represent the destinations you have chosen will call you back. You can then directly customize your travel plan, where you can add what the locals love to show you, and in this process, you can build a relationship with the hosts.

Now, you would ask why local hosts, and why travel with us – meaningful travel,  when you can book the same tour through any other travel companies, well here are the reasons :

Local Hosts