,Local service providers of Sikkim and darjeeling for Travel companies

If you have a travel company, We’re the local Service Provider.

Dear Travel Gurus,

Greetings from Meaningful Travel,

We are excited to serve you as the Local Service provider for the Travel Companies for any Rural destination of Sikkim, West Bengal and the North-Eastern States of India and we assure you certainly would be either.
It’s a pleasure for us to be a part of this innovative industry and we do appreciate your efforts. Your efforts seldom count no profits but above all it’s always the continuous improvisation of the services that you deliver to your Guests. We know it’s hard. We know that no matter how hard you try, there is always one thing that never fills up your joy of satisfaction – Local Host’s voice-support and assistance. You know you can never be a local host in your customer’s perception. Your every endeavour from being super cool and candid doesn’t help. You again try to sound professional, but that too doesn’t help. In contrary when the local hosts speak to your guests, unprofessional and unskilled, giving as less information as required, they are always on the other side of the coin. The guests love to hear them, believe them, and often try their best to see the destinations through their eyes. They reach the level of the satisfaction you always wanted them to have. So what do you do? You hire locals for your sales team. They perform better than you, but again their professionalism and probing techniques turn your customers dubious. This is somehow manageable for you, so you go on.
If you still feel the same, then the time has come to jump out of the old options you have. Do not resist but accept the fact that you can never be a local or a host owner of the destinations.  This acceptance will create a new and more innovative option that will improvise the bond between you and your customers.
Meaningful Travel India has now stood up to serve your company better with their local expertise. With our network of local hosts of travel destinations, your guests now can directly get their queries answered by local people. Unlike the customer support team of other travel companies, our support team remotely support and serve your customers right from their own adventurous environment on behalf of your company.
Currently, we have almost all the offbeat locations of North Bengal that are renowned for their hospitable homestays and farm stays. As we are only specialized in offbeat and rural destinations that are owned and run by only locals, we solemnly are sorry for those who want the urban location hotels. So for the travel companies, if you want our services for all the rural destinations of North Bengal just scroll down..

Now let’s show you how?
Who are we?
Meaningful Travel is first of its kind Travel network that connects Travelers and Travel companies directly with the host community of Rural Destinations. It includes Homestays, Trekking organizations and also volunteer institutions and NGOs. With more than 300+ homestay accommodations spread all across the rural destinations of North Bengal and Sikkim, we do not represent ourselves as agents and consultants but direct hosts with our solemn welcoming heart. Our local voice support will not work on defaults but we offer our clients and customers with options for customizations that no other expertise would be able to offer. As our pilot project currently we are only focused on North Bengal and Sikkim with our hosts working not from the comforts of office rooms but remotely from the field that will be your preferred destinations.
Rural and Grassroot Coverage
As our name suggests, we work for meaningful travelers not to create an environmental bubble with fakes smiles and greasing words, but to give you a real experience of the rural and purely natural beauty of all the destinations. We do not have any reason to boast to have a network of all professional and too commercial personalities, but we do feel proud to have our local people who may be a farmer, a florist, a medicine man or anyone from a village to give his or her best hospitality services that are not taught but inherited culturally and traditionally. 
So, what we’ll do for you?
  1. Cut the hassles of your customer support. Let the work be done by our representatives of Meaningful travel India. The work includes designing their travel plans, arranging accommodation and also helping them to explore the real beauty.
  2. Provide you with the variations and abundance of Tourism products in form of Homestays accommodation facility anywhere in North Bengal. Fully organized Trekking and hiking packages, volunteer and internship support, Travel guide and eco guide services, Transport services, and group tour plan all exclusively for the offbeat locations of North Bengal and Sikkim.
  3. Exclusively assigneD list of localhost representatives for your list of destinations and a lead manager.
How will our remote assistance help you?
  1. Local tone and assurance to your guests. This will increase the goodwill of your company. Your customer will get all the support not based on information but based on real-life experiences. The real-life experiences will be of those who belong to the community of the destination.
  2. Personal and physical greeting of our representatives. These will be by phone, email and ever their own presence to your guests. The physical presence will be after reaching the destination. It will be on behalf of your company that will certainly leave a mark of your services on your customers.
  3. You can build your reputation with your enhanced reach and all-around services to your guests without any hassle of hiring your own survey and official representative. 
So let’s start our deal with:-

Your Company name with address

Photo and address ID of Proprietor/ Partner/ Director

Contacts details of Owner & salesperson from your team working on TT’s leads with their destination

  • Name –
  • Mobile –
  • Email –
Please reply if you want to go ahead with the further process so that I can call you accordingly.
” India Lives in its Villages” – Mahatma Gandhi

Please email at yourhost@meaningfultravelindia.com or chauthary@gmail.com